Following Palm Pre Launch, Sprint Offers New Enterprise Service Plan

Sprint announced a $39.99 Connection Plan for corporate liable accounts, which it says bests similarly priced plans from AT&T and Verizon Wireless. For business and consumer customers, Sprint also announced new 3G and 3G/4G plans.

Following its launch of the Palm Pre, Sprint has announced a new service plan for enterprise customers who are moderate data users. According to Sprint, the plan beats similarly priced offers from competitors AT&T and Verizon.
The $39.99 connection plan for corporate liable accounts offers 500MB of monthly data, which Sprint says is twice as much as what Verizon offers for a similar price and 10 times AT&T's offer.
"Sprint saw a clear need for a plan that meets the needs of Corporate Liable business users whose data usage is moderate, while providing superior value," Tim Donahue, Sprint vice president of business marketing, said in a statement.
"No matter how much data they typically use, business users need to know they'll have all the mobile broadband bytes they need at a reasonable price."
The new plan is available to business and public-sector customers through Sprint's Business Markets Group, which is focused on business and government customers, specifically for devices in Sprint's Mobile Broadband device portfolio, which includes Sprint's Mobile Hotspot, the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200.
Additionally, Sprint is offering business and consumer customers a $59.99 3G Connection Plan and a $79.99 3G/4G Connection Plan.
The former includes 5GB a month total, or 300MB per month while off-network roaming, and monthly usage exceeding 5GB is $0.05 per megabyte. The latter includes the same, as well as an unlimited 4G connection in Baltimore, with more locations coming soon.
On March 25, Sprint announced that in 2009 it would be extending its 4G service-which in Baltimore it claims offers peak downlink speeds up to 12M bps and average downlink speeds of 2M to 4M bps-to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Portland and Seattle.
Before the launch of the Palm Pre, Reuters reported that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told reporters, "We're a very different company than we were 12 months ago."
Hesse has also said that Sprint is now "the most dependable 3G network out there."