For the Field Service Professional: Mobile Worker Starter Package

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For the Field Service Professional: Mobile Worker Starter Package

The ClickSoftware Mobile Worker Package is a full-featured app for mobile workers who manage their own schedules. The package enables employees such as service staff to keep track of meetings and working hours, view maps and travel directions, and access company resources from the field. The package contains a preconfigured database and a set of apps built on the ClickMobile Professional platform, which runs on mobile devices such as smartphones. This app is available at the ClickAppStore.

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For the Physician: Epocrates Rx From Epocrates

Epocrates' medical app is No. 1 among U.S. physicians for trusted, timely clinical information. Health care professionals can quickly access information on brand, generic and over the counter medicines for safe and cost-effective prescribing, along with additional decision support content. Epocrates Rx is available free for Apple mobile and Android devices.

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For Business Owners and Staff: CipherPost Pro Secure Email App From AppRiver

AppRiver's CipherPost Pro for Apple and Android allows users to create, read, track and reply to encrypted messages on any smartphone or tablet. Leaving your home or office shouldn't mean leaving your email security behind. As more and more people rely on mobile devices for their business communications, the CipherPost Pro app will make sure their sensitive data stays protected. As a cloud-based native solution, the app requires no enterprise installation while still ensuring global administrative control and enforcement of compliance policies.

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For the Cardiologist: AirStrip Cardiology

AirStrip Cardiology is a secure mobile app that helps cardiologists access near-real-time patient data, along with historical tests conducted up to one year ago. Regardless of where remote cardiologists are when a critical decision is needed, they can leverage AirStrip Cardiology to quickly determine the best treatment paths for their patients. The technology directly links to the GE Healthcare MUSE Cardiology Information System, a central cardiac repository that facilitates EKG analysis. Get it at the iTunes App Store.

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For the Business Analyst: Smart Mobile App ‘Smashup’ Creator

Smashups—smart mobile app mashups—combine reports, dashboards and multimedia content in an iPad-based mobile interface. MicroStrategy Cloud Express makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy his/her own unique smashups in days, without writing a single line of code. Smashups empower mobile employees and customers and support hundreds of use cases. For example, a business analyst with no IT or business intelligence background can use smashups to deliver a weekly business briefing book to the C-suite or to each functional department or line of business.

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For the Radiologist: Centricity Radiology Mobile Access From GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare provides Centricity Radiology Mobile Access, a breakthrough offering in the mobile category that gives clinicians unprecedented access to Centricity PACS images and reports. Providing mobile access to the broadest range of modalities, Centricity Radiology Mobile Access can help enhance efficiency for clinicians and radiologists throughout—and beyond—a facility with the AccessNOW application for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. The app is available on Apple iOS and Android devices via the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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For the IT Security Manager: Protect On Q Mobile

As companies increasingly use browsers as the primary platform for the delivery of information, browsers have also become the primary point of theft or data leakage—not only through malware, but also by users themselves. Using the Protect On Q Mobile app from Quarri Technologies, IT security professionals can empower their mobile workforce to keep sensitive data secure. When company employees visit a website from a mobile device that uses Protect On Q, it will automatically launch the secured browser. Protect On Q Mobile is available for the iPhone and Android devices at the iTunes App Store and from Google Play.

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For the Salesperson: CamCard by IntSig Information

CamCard Lite lets salespeople save a sales lead instantly. It reads business cards and saves contact information internally or in your phone's contacts. Not only is the app highly accurate, but it also lets you group contacts, make notes, and search LinkedIn. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry; more information can be obtained at IntSig Information’s Web site.

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For the Attorney: LexisAdvance Legal Research App

With the Lexis Advance® legal research app for iPhone and iPad, lawyers can access vital legal information and news anytime and anywhere—in court, on the road or in the office. Intuitive navigation, easy customization and synching of all results across devices help users increase their efficiency and achieve better results. Lexis Advance® is available at Apple's iTunes AppStore.

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For the Real Estate Professionals: Mobile App

Instantly access the largest and most popular database of real estate listings with this app, which supports GPS-based searches to show what properties are available and what recently sold within a definable area based on your present location. Results are automatically mapped, with links to key listing details and property photos with a listing agent's contact info. The app is free for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad at the Mobile App Store.

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