Fossil Launches Stylish Smartwatch and Fitness Bands

The fashion wristwatch merchant also introduces a new analog watch that connects to a user's smartphone via Bluetooth.

Fashion watch and accessory retailer Fossil has unveiled its new Fossil Q line, which includes an elegant smartwatch, two models of stylish fitness bands and an analog wristwatch that connects to a wearer's smartphone via Bluetooth for alerts.

Also part of the Fossil Q line is a new Q Activity mobile app for iOS and Android that connects to the devices and gives users a wide range of activity, fitness and other information at a glance on their smartphones.

The latest Fossil product lineup was announced by the company on Oct. 21, with availability of all the devices coming before the upcoming December holidays.

The company's smartwatch, called Q Founder, was the result of a collaboration between Fossil, Intel and Google, and is powered by Google's Android Wear operating system, according to Fossil. The Q Founder smartwatch gives wearers useful information just when they need it and is designed to work with Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Users will be able to customize and select their favorite watch faces with a swipe and tap.

Complete component details and specifications have not yet been announced about the Q Founder watch by Fossil, but it will be available just before the holidays, starting at $275.

The Q Grant watch (pictured) is an analog wristwatch that can connect to a wearer's smartphone using Bluetooth to give alerts for messages, emails, calls and more. It also can provide fitness tracking and apps news for wearers. Key contacts can be given a specific color to alert users when their calls and messages come in, and vibrations alert the wearer when those contacts are calling or messaging. Two LED indicators are located on either side of the watch, providing color-coded notifications.

The Q Grant analog watch, which will be available starting Oct. 25, will be priced from $175 to $195.

Fossil's two new fitness bands are the Q Reveler and the Q Dreamer (both pictured), which are both designed to be worn by men or women. The Q Reveler can keep track of how far its wearer runs and can notify the user when incoming calls or messages are received from people and apps notifications that are important to them, according to Fossil. The Q Reveler notifies the wearer of incoming alerts via a subtle nudge and color LEDs. The fitness band will be available Oct. 25 for $125.

The other band, the Q Dreamer, is a fitness tracker that looks more like a stylish bracelet and offers both a leather band for work and a silicone band for physical activities, according to Fossil. The Q Dreamer also features vibrating alerts and customized color notifications for key contacts and apps. It will go on sale Oct. 25 for $125.

Fossil's app that works with these devices, Q Activity, gives users a wide range of information about their physical activities, including how many calories they've burned and much more. It will also work with a user's other favorite fitness apps such as Google Fit, Health, UP by Jawbone and UA Record by Under Armour. The Q Notifications component of the app provides updates about social media alerts, important calls or upcoming meetings and more. The Q Curiosity component of the app alerts users that it's time to break free from their routines and try something different in their communities, work or activities, according to Fossil.

"Our customers are obsessed with their personal sense of style and staying connected, and we are thrilled to enter into this emerging category with an answer to their needs," Jill Elliott-Sones, chief creative officer at Fossil, said in a statement. "Fossil Q is the result of countless hours of meticulous design expressed through a playful curious lens. Our hope is the unique attention to detail in both our connected accessories line and app cue our audience to try new things, be more curious and experience the world around them like never before."

The Fossil Q product line is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher and iPhone 5 and above (running iOS 8.2 and higher).