Fossil Refines Its Smartwatches, Updates Fitness Tracker

1 - Fossil Refines Its Smartwatches, Updates Fitness Tracker
2 - The Fossil Q Wander Smartwatch
3 - The Fossil Q Marshal Smartwatch
4 - Powered by Android Wear
5 - The Q Motion Activity Tracker
6 - Sleek New Cylindrical Design
7 - The Q Tailor Smart Analog Watch
8 - The Q Nate Smart Analog Watch
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Fossil Refines Its Smartwatches, Updates Fitness Tracker

Based on customer input, the next Fossil Q smartwatches will have slightly smaller bodies. The company is also adding two app-enabled analog watches.

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The Fossil Q Wander Smartwatch

The upcoming Q Wander smartwatch features a soft curving, multi-finish case with sculpted wire lugs that hold the wristband, giving it a different look from the original Fossil Q watches. Both the Q Wander and the Q Marshal run Android Wear operating systems and include always-on displays as found in the original Fossil Q smartwatches. The always-on displays allow users to have continuous access to information such as the time, incoming calls and various alerts.

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The Fossil Q Marshal Smartwatch

The Q Marshal model includes a rugged case and new case color options, such as navy blue, along with vintage-inspired leather wrist straps. Both the Wander and Marshal models can be personalized with customizable watch face designs, including exclusive Fossil dials and a wide range of interchangeable watch straps. Users of both devices can respond to messages on the watches by tapping the screen or by using voice commands and can receive Google Now updates for information on commuting, flights and other reminders on the device displays.

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Powered by Android Wear

The Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches run on Android Wear and can be used with Android or iPhone smartphones. They both come with slim wireless chargers that use no pins or charging connectors. Both smartwatches will be available in smaller 1.73-inch or 1.81-inch bodies, compared with the 1.85-inch bodies of the original Fossil Q Founder smartwatches. Prices and availability dates will be announced later this year.

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The Q Motion Activity Tracker

The new Q Motion follows in the footsteps of Fossil's earlier activity trackers, the Q Reveler and the Q Dreamer, which were unveiled last year. In addition to being able to track activities and notify users about incoming calls and texts, the new Q Motion adds haptic vibrations and multi-color LED lights for its notifications to users. Also new is the incorporation of smart tap technology, which lets users tap the device to play their favorite music, find their smartphone or take a perfect selfie.

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Sleek New Cylindrical Design

The Q Motion activity tracker also gets an updated cylindrical design and a set of coin-shaped replaceable batteries that will last about six months. The replaceable batteries take the place of a rechargeable battery that was used in earlier models. The Q Motion, which also is water-resistant for up to about 164 feet, will be available this summer for $95.

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The Q Tailor Smart Analog Watch

The Fossil Q Tailor, like its Q Nate stablemate, is an analog wristwatch that includes classic watch styling and a companion app that lets it work alongside a smartphone to provide extra functionality to users. Using an Android or iOS app and Bluetooth connectivity, wearers will be able to get alerts about incoming calls and notifications from close contacts with a turn of the watch's hands.

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The Q Nate Smart Analog Watch

Like its Q Tailor analog watch brethren, the Q Nate also can track steps taken, calories spent, sleep, automatic time zone updates, a second time zone and more for their wearers, using the smartphone apps built for the watches. Both watches bring together the elegance and simplicity of a traditional analog watch along with some of the latest technology found in a full-on smartwatch.

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