Front View

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Front View

Motorola retained the sleek design from the original Atrix model for this upgraded phone. While the Atrix 4G rolled with a 4-inch qHD (Quarter High Definition) display with 960-by-540 resolution, the Atrix 2 offers similar specifications, only larger at 4.3 inches.

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Atrix 2 Camera

While the first version sported a modest 5MP, the Atrix 2 opts for the 8MP shutter, the new high-end standard. Moreover, multishot mode enables users to take six consecutive pictures. All that's missing is a telephoto lens! The video capabilities record and play back video in HD 1080p, trumping the 720p capture and 1080p playback of the original Atrix 4G. Also note the front-facing VGA lens for video chat.

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Side View

The handset measures 2.6 inches wide, 4.64 inches long and 0.37 inches thick, and weighs nearly 5.2 ounces. That compares to its predecessor's size of 4.6 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and 0.4 inches thick, and weight of 4.8 ounces. The weight differential is likely due to the Atrix 2's larger screen size. It's probably not the battery, as the Atrix 4G has a 1,930-mAh power source, compared with 1,785 mAh for the Atrix 2.

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Zumocast Streaming

The Atrix 2 boasts ZumoCast, the Motorola-made app we first encountered on the Motorola Droid Bionic that lets users stream their music, photos and videos from their computer to phones leveraging the cloud.

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The phone has a 1GHz dual-core processor, which on top of all the other perks in this phone provides more bang for the $99 price tag of the phone (with two-year carrier contract). It also drives this Motorola Music app you see here.

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Photo Gallery

The photo gallery allows users to sync their social networks to the Atrix 2. What, no Google+ on here yet? Sure seems to have everything else.

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Qik Lite

Qik Lite is included to let users access video chat.

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Motorola Lapdock 100

The Motorola Lapdock is a pretty piece of hardware. Motorola hasn't released pricing or availability yet.

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Opening the Dock

We opened the dock to find a nice, 10.1-inch screen with 1,366-by-768 resolution-like a tablet with a chiclet keyboard. Looks just like a little netbook. Note the trackpad with two-finger access control.

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Hooking Up the Phone With the Dock

We plugged the Atrix 2 into a mini, two-pronged USB cord attached to the dock.

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Home Screen

We tapped the Webtop app on the Atrix 2, opened up the Lapdock again and switched to mobile view, seeing the Atrix 2's home screen here.

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Large Dialer

Here is the Atrix 2's Dialer, made large. Corporate road warriors can control their phone from the dock, picking a number and calling with a mouse scroll and click.

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Desktop View

Users may also minimize the mobile view for a full-featured desktop view. See the dialer minimized.

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App Tray

You don't have to stick to your phone. The Lapdock application tray includes a Facebook button and Mozilla Firefox button for Web access.

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Users can access their Facebook account easily enough.

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Application Choice

Users can also choose among Pandora, Google Docs and another apps. The Lapdock 100 with the Webtop application also includes a PC-like File Manager, making it convenient and intuitive to view, copy, paste, move or delete files on your smartphone or its integrated SD card.

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