Geekspeak: June 11, 2001

Handy if graffiti's not spoken here

There has arisen among Palm OS device users a cult of Graffiti—Ive heard some joke that they frequently break into the arcane Palm script while writing with pen and paper.

For those whove yet to adopt Graffiti as a second language, however, portable keyboards offer a swifter route to total data input nirvana, and in Fellowes Manufacturings PDA Pocket Keyboard, Ive found a very effective one.

The PDA Pocket Keyboard is driven by touchpad technology from Cirque Corp., so the "keys" dont move. Although I prefer the tactile feedback of traveling keys, the PDA Pocket Keyboard wins major points on three fronts: It costs $40, compared with around $100 for other portable keyboards; its about the size of half a deck of cards; and the unit connects to Palm III and Palm V devices via a swappable adapter.

The removable adapter leaves the door open for compatibility with other handhelds as well, provided Fellowes produces more adapter plugs. Head to for more information.