Good Technology Updates Secure Mobility Platform

The capabilities of the company’s Shared Services Framework have been expanded to provide support for server-based services.

Mobile security specialist Good Technology has introduced two new features in its Secure Mobility Platform, enabling the creation of Good-secured apps that are easy to provision and support for server-based services in the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework.

Both of the new features are designed to help developers deliver apps with a great user experience, driving enterprise app adoption and increasing return on investment (ROI) without requiring businesses to compromise on compliance or security.

Authentication delegation, already available with the Good Dynamics Platform, enables users to have single sign-on access to all Good-secured apps on the device.

With Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD) support now also available in the platform, this single sign-on is extended to the enterprise, allowing users to access behind-the-firewall resources without having to enter network credentials on the device.

Previously, security enforced by the Secure Mobility Platform had required users to manually input a unique complex activation code for each Good-secured app being activated on a device, creating complexity for users with numerous apps.

With this new release, easy activation will enable apps built on the Good Dynamics Platform to be provisioned securely and more efficiently by validating against a previously activated authentication delegate app.

"Enabling mobile security has a reputation of being difficult, cumbersome or time-consuming and with this announcement, Good is taking a significant step forward in offering developers a more robust and streamlined secure mobile app development experience," John Herrema, senior vice president of product management at Good Technology, said in a statement.

In addition to easy activation, the capabilities of the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework have been expanded to provide support for server-based services.

This means businesses can now publish common enterprise capabilities such as calendaring, printing and directory services as server-based services, which developers can use to build mobile apps that give users the business workflows they need.

This company said this capability of the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework makes it much simpler to "mobilize" legacy enterprise applications.

Capabilities buried in these applications can now be more easily and securely exposed as extensible server-based services, which can then be reused to enhance other mobile apps and workflows.

In addition, app developers can now further enhance the user experience by creating apps that allow users to complete entire workflows from within a single app, eliminating the need to switch between apps to complete the desired set of tasks.

"Whether deploying traditional mobile apps, legacy desktop apps or more complex app-to-app workflows, both developers and the enterprise can have confidence in the applications and workflows being deployed for their users, without the worry of any sacrifice in security," Herrema said.