Google Android Tablets Won't Match Apple iPad Soon: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Although several Android tablets are coming to store shelves over the next few months, they won't be able to take on Apple's iPad.

Apple's iPad is selling extremely well across the world. It is quickly becoming one of the most coveted technology products, and will likely be a top gift choice during the holiday season. But in the coming weeks and months, the iPad will be faced with stiff competition from several Android-based devices. In fact, the Samsung's Galaxy Tab is scheduled to hit store shelves next month. And when that happens, the real tablet war will start.

Luckily for Apple, it won't have much to worry about in the short term. The slate of Android-based devices coming to store shelves in the next few months won't create the kind of excitement that the iPad has among consumers. They won't even appeal to enterprise customers who are looking to bring tablets to their operations. Simply put, the upcoming range of Android-based tablets won't be able to match the iPad on any level.

Read on to find out why:

1. Android 2.2 won't work

Google has made it clear that Android 2.2 is designed with smartphones in mind. And it won't have a suitable Android OS version available to tablet customers until later this year at the earliest. So far, some vendors have listened to Google's warnings and decided to delay their products. But others have not. It's a bold, yet potentially poor move. Android 2.2 isn't ready for tablets. Once customers find that out, the iPad will be even more viable.

2. Google isn't fully invested

Google is most worried about its smartphone operation. It makes sense. That's the place where the company can generate the biggest profit. It's also the space where most of its partners' devices are competing. Realizing that, Apple has an opportunity. With Google's attention elsewhere, the iPad maker can continue to improve its tablet and attract customers. The longer it can do that, the harder it will be for Android tablets to catch up.

3. It's a numbers game for Android OS

Google's Android platform requires the help of a slew of devices in order to be successful. As the smartphone space has shown, a single product cannot beat Apple's iPhone. But several products can. The same can be said for the tablet space. Because of that, Google needs to get many more tablets on store shelves before it can even come close to matching Apple. And both the search giant and Apple know that.

4. Consumers don't want it yet

There is no indication that consumers really want an Android tablet just yet. The reason why is simple: Hardly anyone in the mainstream knows about those products. That is partly a failure of the vendors to get their products in front of people. But it's also due to the shadow the iPad casts over the market. And until consumers realize that they want Android tablets, they will continue to opt for Apple's alternative.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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