Google Apps Connector Syncs BlackBerry, Gmail Platforms

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Google Apps Connector Syncs BlackBerry, Gmail Platforms

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Native Applications

The Google App Connector for BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) lets users tap the BlackBerry's native e-mail, calendar and contact applications with (mostly) full sync capabilities back to Google's e-mail servers.

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Push E-Mail

Google App Connector enables push e-mail for Google Apps Premier or Education users. By default, sent e-mails appear in the in-box (top entry), but that can be changed.

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Calendar Sync

Calendars sync from cloud to device, but not vice versa.

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Contact Search

It appears that users can search their on-device contact store, but, in my tests, the feature did not yet work.

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Google Mobile App

While the BlackBerry e-mail app offers local search, users will still need the Google Mobile App to search the entire in-box.

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Tagging E-Mails

Users can archive or "star" e-mails from the BlackBerry by moving e-mails to the appropriate folder. Such tags appear normally in the Gmail Web interface.

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