Google Currents (Free)

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Google Currents (Free)

Catch up with the news on the new iPad's crystal-clear Retina display with the help of Currents, which brings you the latest stories from around the globe.

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Gmail (Free)

Organize, access and archive your email; send and receive attachments, and read your mail with threaded conversations. You know how this works.

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Google Search (Free)

Search by voice, use Google Goggles to snap pictures with the new iPad's improved camera or revisit past searches with Visual Search History.

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Google Translate (Free)

Essential for overseas business trips and increasingly helpful for international business dealings, Translate helps you get the message fast, no matter what the language.

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Vtok (Free)

This app lets you video chat, text via Short Message Service (SMS) and make free voice calls to your Google contacts, be they for business or pleasure.

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TouchDocs ($3.99)

It's a user-friendly way to view, edit and manage Google Docs on your new iPad. Presentations, PDFs, images, spreadsheets and movies can all be displayed.

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Quicklytics ($1.99)

Have your Website's key performance indicators (KPIs) always with you on your iPad by linking your Google Analytics account with this app.

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Google Play Books (Free)

While it may have "play" in the title, use this app to bone up on your business skills by downloading and reading books that can influence (and improve) your business.

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Google Catalogs (Free)

Alright, here's one for those flight delays. Get some shopping done with this catalog browser, which will look fantastic paired with the Retina display.

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Google Earth (Free)

One more for downtime. You may be temporarily grounded, but this app lets you hold the world in the palm of your hand. Happy travels.

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