Google+ for Android Gets Reshare Feature, Bug Fixes

Improvements to the Google+ for Android mobile app include bug fixes, and users can now reshare a post they like.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has improved its Google+ for Android mobile application, adding the ability for users to reshare a post they like and making the application available in 38 languages.

Google+ for Android allows users of the social network to publish updates to their Google+ Stream and see the links, pictures and updates posted to the service by folks in their Circles. Users may also manage those Circles and view public posts from other Google+ users located nearby, and allow all the photos taken from their phone to be instantly uploaded to Google+.

Google would go on to offer a Google+ for iPhone application, which rocketed to the top of Apple's iTunes App Store free application list in July. Google added support for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) popular iPad tablet and iPod touch Web-browsing and gaming gadget a few weeks later.

Google+ for Android got its latest upgrade to version 1.0.6, August 25.

To reshare a post, users can tap the post as if they were going to +1 it or add a comment, tap a button in the upper right-hand corner of the application (next to the +1 button option), choose the Circle or Circles to publish the post to, add a comment (if desired) and tap post. The application also now lets users create a new circle from the Circles destination.

Google also made several bug fixes to + for Android. The company killed duplicate Instant Uploads, a problem that plagued HTC Android handsets such as the HTC ThunderBolt 4G.

Google also fixed a "no name" flaw in its Huddle group messaging application, and enabled hidden one-to-one Huddles to reappear when new messages are sent. Also fixed is a known issue with the notifications count changing when switching from portrait to landscape mode.

As users of Facebook for Android for iPhone or Twitter for Android and iPhone can attest, having a solid mobile application from which to update their social networks is a huge convenience for smartphone users. Meanwhile, Pew Research said over half of U.S. adults online are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or some other social network.

That report was conducted before Google+ launched. Google's new social network is no slouch, though, and has racked up some 30 million-plus users in less than two months since its launch.