Google+ For iPhone Gets Instant Photo, Video Upload

Google+ for iPhone now has the ability to allow instant upload for photos and videos, a key feature that set the Android app apart from the iPhone app.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now enabling instant photo and video uploads in its Google+ for iPhone app, porting a distinguishing feature from its Google+ for Android app.

Just as Google+ Hangout video chat sessions have proven popular on the desktop, Google+ Instant Upload has easily been one of the most attractive features for Android smartphone users.

Since the mobile app launched with the desktop version of the social network last June, Google+ users with Android phones have been able to allow any photo or video they shot with their handset to launch automatically to their private photos Picasa Web page on Google+.

From there, the user can then opt to make photos they uploaded public or keep them private.

Google has worked on this feature for its iPhone app for several months and is now delivering it to the masses. Interestingly, the Instant Upload feature remains active "for a brief period" after users close it on their iPhone. When users return to the app later, Google+ resumes any photo and video uploads users had started before closing the app.

Also on tap in this upgrade (1.0.9) are bug fixes and performance improvements, the What's Hot stream of popular posts in Google+, the ability to see who "+1ed" a post and a tool that lets users shake their iPhone to send feedback.

Google+ for iPhone users may download the upgrade from Apple's iTunes store here.

Google+ for iPhone is the latest big perk among the more than 200 feature upgrades since Google launched the social network and requisite mobile apps last June.

This includes a November boost to Google+ for Android, which offers a new user interface for posting, better notifications, and navigation and performance improvements. The app was also designed to work well with Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich.

The social network has grown to more than 90 registered users, though user engagement€”how much posts, photos, videos and Hangout those users conduct in the Website€”is a mystery.