Google+ for iPhone Gets iPad, iPod touch Treatment

Google+ for the iPhone gets support for the Apple iPad and iPod touch, as well as more Huddle group messaging controls and functionality.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Aug. 8 cranked out another update to its Google+ for iOS application, adding support for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) popular iPad tablet and iPod touch Web-browsing and gaming gadget.

Launched June 28 to limited field testing on the desktop and via an Android application, Google+ is a new social network that has over 25 million users sampling the service as an alternative to Facebook's leading network.

Google launched Google+ for the iPhone a few weeks later, allowing users of to publish updates to their Google+ Stream and see the links, pictures and updates posted to the service by folks in their Circles. Users may also manage those Circles and view public posts from other Google+ users located nearby.

The new version,, is available from Apple's iTunes App Store here. The application includes support for the iPad and iPod touch, two hugely requested features, as well as features previously only available in the Google+ Android application, which launched when the network launched in late June.

For example, there is now better support for mentions and the ability to view specific Google+ Circles in a Stream, which is Google's version of the Facebook News Feed.

Users may also now start Huddle group messaging chats from another user's profile page, specify who can start Huddle chats with them and even hide one-to-one Huddles. Users can access those features from the settings gear icon from the homescreen, explained Sharvil Nanavati, a tech lead for Google+, in a brief video.

Users can also "+ mention" someone in a post to allow them to join in conversations, fixing a flaw from the original Google+ iPhone version. Finally, Nanavati said he created a "secret way" to let users bring up the Stream selection setting menu.

One feature iPhone users still can't enjoy is the Instant Upload feature, a feature for the Android app version that lets users automatically shuttle photos they take on their smartphones to Google+. No doubt, iPhone users would love this feature and Google is likely working on it.

Vic Gundotra, Google vice president of engineering, sent iPhone fans into a frenzy with the introduction of the iPhone Google+ application via Google+ July 19.

However, Punit Soni, lead product manager for Google+ Mobile, said Google discovered an issue with the version of the iPhone Google+ application that was in the App Store.

"When we launched, the App Store started serving a previous test version of the app which didn't have the stability and fixes that the latest version had," Soni explained on his Google+ page. "It started serving the correct version a little later. If you downloaded within the first 1 hour 40 mins., you may have downloaded the older test version."

While Google+ for the iPhone quickly became the most popular free application, it's unclear how Google+ users are actively using the + iPhone applications because Google declined to provide usage stats for eWEEK.

Also unclear is whether we will see an iPad tailored version of Google+, which some users are clamoring for. The word is that the current Google+ for iOS application looks positively pixelated on the iPad.