Google Glass Will Be Worth Buying at Launch: 10 Reasons Why

0-Google Glass Will Be Worth Buying at Launch: 10 Reasons Why
1-Wearable Technology Really Is the Future
2-The Mapping Functionality Is Awfully Nice
3-It Provides a New Perspective on Life
4-It'll Only Get Better
5-The Apps Could Be Incredible
6-No One Else Is All That Close to Matching It
7-The Design Isn't So Bad
8-There's a "Cool" Geekiness to It
9-The Real-Time Information Is Crucial
10-It's Essentially a Smartphone—on Your Face
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Google Glass Will Be Worth Buying at Launch: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger

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Wearable Technology Really Is the Future

If there's any trend that's emerging rapidly in IT, it's wearable technology. Companies around the globe are investing heavily in wearable technology, and for consumers who love gadgets, it's better to get in on the trend early, rather than wait it out. That's why Google Glass, which will help lead the wearable-tech revolution, deserves to be on top of the shopping list.

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The Mapping Functionality Is Awfully Nice

Looking to find your way around town? One of the nice things about Glass is that it has full support for Google Maps. So, whether it's getting directions exploring a new neighborhood, Glass delivers. It's especially nice for a product that's designed to go mobile.

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It Provides a New Perspective on Life

One of the interesting things about Glass is that it can legitimately provide a new perspective on life. In other words, really interesting pictures and videos can be taken, hands-free, from the eyes. And when certain items like Maps arrows can be tossed onto streets, it changes your perspective. And in this case, different is nice.

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It'll Only Get Better

As noted, the nice thing about Google Glass is that it's only in testing at the moment. And once Google hears back about its eyewear from the "Explorers," the company is planning to improve the device where needed. That's a good thing. And it means that when it actually launches, it'll be even better than it is right now.

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The Apps Could Be Incredible

Google has asked for developers to start creating programs designed for Glass. And if Android is any indication, there appears to be a good chance that the apps could do some incredible things. Google Glass' built-in apps are a good start, but the third-party programs could make the eyewear so much better.

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No One Else Is All That Close to Matching It

If a consumer is after some wearable technology, what choice does he or she really have other than to buy Google Glass? After all, the other wearable technology in the wild includes bracelets to monitor walking distance, and some sleep aids. Nothing out there right now compares with Google Glass.

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The Design Isn't So Bad

When looking at Google Glass, the eyewear quickly becomes a more-appealing product. It might not be the most beautiful product in the wild, but it looks nice on a face and comes off as very stylish. That's an important piece of the puzzle.

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There's a "Cool" Geekiness to It

OK, so there's little debating that Google Glass is geeky. But let's be honest: Being geeky nowadays is viewed favorably in pop culture. And since there's an element of "coolness" to it, the device is all the more appealing. Think of Google Glass as a cool-geeky product.

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The Real-Time Information Is Crucial

Regardless of where a person is, Google Glass will provide them with all kinds of insight into their locations. Sometimes, that real-time information will help them identify a particular area or landmark, while in other cases, it'll deliver useful data. Either way, the Google Glass real-time information support is critical to its success.

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It's Essentially a Smartphone—on Your Face

The fact that Google Glass does just about everything a person wants is extremely important in evaluating its broader appeal to consumers. Those customers are buying products, like smartphones, that can do it all because they want a one-stop shop for their productivity needs. In the case of Google Glass, it offers that all-in-one experience, similar to smartphones, directly to a person's eyes. It's a great idea with a great premise.

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