Google Goggles Breathes New Life into Android Phone Pics

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Google Goggles Breathes New Life into Android Phone Pics

by Clint Boulton

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Google Goggles

Goggles is Google's first foray into computer vision technology, allowing users to essentially make a search query by snapping a picture with their handset instead of typing or speaking searches.

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Locations and Monuments

See a landmark you like, take a picture from your Motorola Droid (or any of 15 or so Android devices) and enjoy the results.

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Goggles Knows Books

Scan a book, get a synopsis.

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Look Up Contacts

We're not sure why people would snap pictures of user's business cards when they can learn about the user by talking to them, but Goggles does this, returning contact info and other Web results about people. However, why Goggles will surface text info on people, it won't yet recognize people's pictures and associate them with Web results.

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If you see a painting in a museum, shoot it with your Android handheld and Goggles returns artist and painting info in seconds.

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Will Work for Wine

In a less sober example, Goggles will identify some brands of wine.

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Company Logos

Goggles also IDs company logos.

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Of course, tourists or people who are lost can use Goggles to figure out where they are. To learn more about local businesses, users don't even need to take a picture. Just point the camera toward the store. Using the Android phone's GPS and compass, Goggles will show users the name of the store.

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Learn More

Tap on the name—in this case Comix Comedy Club—to learn more about the establishment.

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