Google Maps Arrives on Apple iOS 6: 10 Reasons to Switch to It

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google Maps has come to the rescue of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 users who have found that Apple Maps is unusable. Here are a few good reasons to switch back to familiar, reliable Google Maps.

After being ousted from iOS 6 earlier this year, Google Maps has made a comeback on the platform. However, Apple hasn't thrown in the towel and brought Google's mobile mapping application back as a standard application on the iPhone.

Instead, iOS users looking for something a bit better will find it in Apple's App Store, where it's available as a free download. As of this writing, Google Maps is the most popular free application available in the App Store, outpacing Google's other top program, YouTube.

With Google Maps now available in the App Store, the search giant's program is up against Apple's Maps, an application the iPhone maker launched with iOS 6. Apple's Maps has been criticized for incorrect information and duplicated data. It has proved so unreliable that Apple itself has said that iOS users should consider adopting third-party programs until its own app can be updated.

The best possible advice for iPhone 5 users is that Apple Maps is subpar to say the least. And Google Maps is unarguably the best mapping application in the mobile market. For iOS users, Google Maps is the app to use. These are the reasons why.

1. Apple's Maps is a mess

Apple's Maps is overrun with errors that make it nearly impossible to use. In some towns, map data is incomplete or inaccurate. Apple's application also suffers from poor international coverage. Google Maps, however, has no such troubles, making it a much better option for iOS users.

2. Google's mapping data is far ahead

Google's mapping data is the very best in the market. Google spent boatloads of cash on its mapping data to ensure it's both accurate and actionable for those who want to get directions or find out what's around a general location. Until Apple spends as much cash (and time) to perfect its mapping data, its Maps app just won't be worth using.

3. Ease of use matters

Google Maps is extremely intuitive. As soon as users boot up the application, they need only input their location, and they're good to go. Plus, with geolocation support, the app can automatically determine where the user is and then use that for directions and nearby places.

4. It's free

Google made the exceedingly smart decision to offer its mapping application—navigation support and all—for free. Apple's Maps comes free with iOS 6, putting the onus on Google to respond with its own free application. The company answered that call, and now it's an instant hit in the App Store because of it.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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