Google Maps (Free)

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Google Maps (Free)

Google Maps offers local search, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transit information, Street View and live traffic information. The app also features a sign-in option that allows users to call up previous searches and directions made from the user's computer.

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Here Maps (Free)

Using information from in-car navigation specialist Navteq, Nokia's navi app also helps you out when you're on foot, allowing users to negotiate pedestrian byways and parks.

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MapMyHike + GPS Tracking (Free)

Using built-in GPS technology, this app lets you track and log your hikes, view elevation info, build an online hike journal and track fellow hikers on the trail.

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The Transit App (99 cents)

Track public transit in 28 cities, including New York City, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco, with schedules, trip planning and real-time data on some routes.

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AutoPark ($2.99)

There's nothing worse than losing your car in a massive parking lot or coming back to a ticket from an expired meter. This app solves these problems and more, as well as allowing you to search nearby services and offers built-in customer support.

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Bike Maps (99 cents)

This app gives you offline access to high-resolution bike lanes for urban and rural areas, rail trails or even mountain bike trails across the United States and the U.K.

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Commander Compass ($3.99)

This powerful toolkit for the outdoors features a mil-spec compass, gyrocompass, maps, GPS tracker, speedometer and inclinometer.

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Beat the Traffic (Free)

Congested commute got you down? Quickly check local traffic conditions and discover the best route to take to avoid traffic jams.

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MotionX GPS (99 cents)

This highly regarded app is the ultimate navigation tool for outdoor enthusiasts, be it snowboarding, sailing, rowing, flying or geo-caching, whatever that is.

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GoSkyWatch Planetarium ($3.99)

Locate and identify stars, planets, constellations, galaxies and more, simply by pointing to the sky; plus, the app boasts a red-light mode for night vision and a 180-degree display.

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