Google Offers Android Fundamentals Online Class for Developers

Google is always looking to expand the pool of developers building apps for Android. A new online class about Android fundamentals aims to help the cause.

Android training class

Android app basics is the theme of a new online class Google is offering to help teach more developers about how they can create and improve their apps for the popular mobile operating system.

The new course, "Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals," which offers step-by-step training to build an Android app as well as best practices for mobile development in general, was announced by Reto Meier, head of Google's scalable developer advocacy, in a July 15 post on the Google Android Developers Blog. The eight-week course, which requires about six hours of coursework a week, is being offered through online education service

"Android Fundamentals is an online training course featuring Google Developer Advocates Reto Meier, Dan Galpin and Katherine Kuan, working with the team at Udacity that's advanced and technical enough for experienced developers who are new to Android — maybe even new to mobile —but not new to programming," wrote Meier. "The full course materials—all the videos, quizzes and forums—are available for free for all students by selecting 'View Courseware'" on the Website. Users have to register for free to access the materials. "Personalized ongoing feedback and guidance from coaches is also available to anyone who chooses to enroll in Udacity's guided program."

A note on the Website for the course, however, states that it is already at capacity. An email inquiry to Google asking about whether additional space will be made available for the class was not answered immediately.

Prospective students are still able to view and download the course materials and videos for the class for free on the course home page. Students who want to dive more deeply into the class though are required to pay the Udacity fee of $150 per month to participate in in-class projects, receive feedback and code reviews, get personal coaching and receive a certificate at the end of the class, according to the Udacity Website.

"This guided course, along with UXDesign for Mobile Developers and Mobile Web Development, complement our existing material—including documentation, samples and videos—to offer a solid grounding in developing great experiences for people using mobile devices," wrote Meier. "Mobile devices are the platform that will bring the next five billion people online. With Android expanding rapidly into emerging markets, and growing beyond phones and tablets into wearables, auto, and TV, learning the fundamentals behind Android development represents an opportunity to affect and improve the lives of billions of people."

Google often offers online classes for developer training in a wide range of Google software disciplines.

Earlier this month, Google announced a traveling North American Developer Roadshow for its growing group of Google Cloud Platform developers so they can continue to expand their skills with its products. The 11 roadshow sessions on this tour are scheduled for July 21 in Los Angeles; July 23 in San Francisco; July 30 in Seattle; July 31 in Vancouver, British Columbia; Aug. 5 in New York City; Aug. 7 in Cambridge, Mass.; Aug. 12 in Toronto; August 12 in Boulder, Colo.; Aug. 14 in Austin, Texas; Aug. 19 in Atlanta; and Aug. 22 in Chicago.

In April, Google began offering a free online course through the Code School program to Google Maps developers who want to update their skills using the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

In March, Google offered a free online Google Analytics Platform Principals course to digital marketers who want to gain new insights and lessons about the platform.

A free online course about the Google Drive API was offered to developers in February, including lessons in using the API as well as authenticating the code to uploading files, retrieving metadata and more.