Google's Nexus 7 Tablet Is in Danger of Failure: 10 Reasons Why

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google has finally shown off its long-rumored Nexus 7 tablet. While it has some interesting features and available cloud services, there are other reasons why the tablet is in serious danger of failure.

Google on June 27 at its I/O Conference finally unveiled the long-rumored Nexus 7 tablet. The device comes with a 7-inch high-definition display and the customer€™s choice of 8GB and 16GB of storage. Like the Amazon Kindle Fire, the tablet lacks 3G or 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) service, but does allow users to connect to the Web via WiFi. And for $199 or $249, depending on the version users pick, it seems like a good deal.

But is it? The fact is, the 7-inch sector of the tablet space is being hit hard by devices that are both smaller and larger. The smaller devices are popular smartphones like Apple€™s iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S III. On the higher-end side, products like Apple€™s iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are attracting plenty of buyers. Simply put, 7-inch slates are in no man€™s land and the Nexus 7 will suffer from that.

Take a look at the reasons the Nexus 7 is in danger of failure even before it starts shipping and why Google might not be doing enough right now to save it.

1. The 7-inch display is an issue

Looking around the mobile market, it€™s impossible to find a single 7-inch tablet that has actually been successful over a long period. The Amazon Kindle Fire had a great launch, but its sales have faltered. The Galaxy Tab launched as a 7-inch tablet, but Samsung, seeing the writing on the wall, delivered a far more popular 10.1-inch alternative. The Nexus 7€™s small screen is a liability.

2. The Apple juggernaut

Apple is a major concern for every other company in the mobile market. The company€™s iPad is a sales juggernaut, and so far, no tablet maker has been able to catch up, no matter what features or form factor they delivered. Google, with its underpowered 7-inch tablet, will face the same struggle.

3. Consumer awareness

Google might be a massive company that gets a lot of attention, but it still can€™t command the kind of attention a company like Apple does. There are undoubtedly products on store shelves right now that are as good as or even better than Apple€™s products. But because they haven€™t captured the market spotlight like Apple€™s products consistently do, they€™re largely ignored. Despite Google€™s success in search, it faces the same challenge with the Nexus 7.

4. The Amazon element

Google€™s chief competitor with the Nexus 7 is the Amazon Kindle Fire. And unfortunately for Google, the Kindle Fire is consistently given top billing on Amazon€™s immensely popular home page. That alone is a major selling point for Amazon and something that Google can do nothing about.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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