Google Shows Off Chrome OS Tablet Mockup

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Google Shows Off Chrome OS Tablet Mockup

Google Chrome OS Running on a TabletBy Clint Boulton

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Chrome OS on a Tablet

Google's search engine sits above a virtual keyboard on this Chrome OS tablet to let people access the Web.

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Chrome Functionality

Chrome functionality comes to life on the touch screen.

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Minimize the virtual keyboard to access other areas of the search engine on the tablet.

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Keyboard Split

What happened to my virtual keys? Frankly, we're not sure why Google would enable this.

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Multiple Tabs

Chrome OS enables users to zoom in and out, opening multiple tabs.

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Keyboard + Apps

Virtual keyboard and application palette together on one screen allow for easy navigation among Gmail, Facebook and YouTube.

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Side Tabs

Chrome OS lets users position application tabs on the side as well.

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Google Explains Tablet Touch Screen UI

Google said: For touch screens, we provide much larger tab and toolbar targets than on standard Chrome. This UI takes up more screen space, but is ideal for portrait devices, and can be auto-hidden to have full-screen content."

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Big Square Buttons

An example of how Google intends application tabs on a Chrome OS tablet to look.

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What Chrome OS Would Look like on...

See Chrome OS schematics on netbooks, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops and large displays.

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