GoPro Unveils $200 Hero+ WiFi Mobile Video Camera

GoPro also drops the price of its Hero4 Session mobile video camera by $100, to $299.99.

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GoPro is rounding out its lineup with the introduction of a $199.99 Hero+ mobile action video camera, featuring WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities for quick mobile sharing after images are captured.

The latest Hero mobile video camera is a step up from the entry level $129.99 Hero and is priced well below the company's top-of-the-line Hero4 Black pro video camera, which retails for $499.99.

In addition, GoPro has dropped the price of its Hero4 Session video camera by $100, giving it a new retail price of $299.99.

GoPro announced the new camera and the price change on Sept. 27. The Hero+ is waterproof and can be mounted or worn with an assortment of mounts that lets users capture action videos during a wide assortment of activities, sports and hobbies. The Hero+ captures 1080p60 and 720p60 video as well as 8-megapixel still images, time-lapse images or burst photographs.

The Hero+ device's new WiFi feature now allows it to connect with GoPro's mobile app so that users can gain convenient tools, such as a Trim and Share feature that allows the user to quickly create and share short video clips across leading social media channels, according to the company.

The Hero+ will be available starting Oct. 4 through retail dealers and The camera is ruggedized and is waterproof to 131 feet, featuring an integrated camera and housing. The Hero+ has a QuikCapture feature that enables power-up and recording start with the press of a single button, while a HiLight Tag allows users to mark key moments while recording.

The camera's SuperView feature captures a wide-angle field of view, while the camera's Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rates for optimal low-light performance, according to GoPro. The device also has a built-in microphone.

"Whether mounted to a weather balloon floating 100,000 feet above the earth to capture a sunrise across the stratosphere or in the hands of a child recording their backyard tree house adventures, Hero+ is built to capture your imagination wherever it takes you," Nicholas Woodman, GoPro's founder and CEO, said in a statement. "Even as we continue to raise the bar for our highest-performing cameras like Hero4 Black, Silver and Session, we remain committed to developing simplified products like Hero+ that make GoPro life-capture accessible to everyone."

The GoPro lineup also includes the Hero4 Silver, which has a touch display and retails for $399.99 and the Hero+LCD, which includes WiFi and a touch display and sells for $299.99.