Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag ($179.99)

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Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag ($179.99)

For the outdoor geek in your life, what could be a cooler than a sleeping bag that turns into a hammock? Just set it up in the basement and play video games that way.

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'90s iPhone Case ($20.80)

If your nerd lover is still stuck with an iPhone 4, let them experience a retro thrill by giving a 1990s feel to the smartphones of today with this flip-top phone case.

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AT-AT Bookends ($224.99)

Cast in high-quality polystone and then hand-painted, each set of Star Wars AT-AT bookends is numbered and comes complete with a matching, limited-edition certificate of authenticity.

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Gamer Soaps ($15-$20)

Made using only the finest vegan-friendly ingredients and scented with the excitingly named Energy Citrus fragrance, these full-scale models of contemporary and classic controllers keep your geek's hands clean.

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Hard Drive Case for iPhone ($9.99)

Give your geek's iPhone some snap-on retro protection with this case, which looks just like a hard drive, complete with bar codes and symbols.

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Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light ($64.99)

Based on the super-addictive puzzle game, the lamp features seven interlocking pieces that can be stacked in any combination. The light turns on when all the pieces are stacked together and turns off when disassembled.

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Water Absorbing Concrete Coasters ($19)

Made from a nontoxic blend of ash and cement with a nonstick base, these coasters are perfect for the design-conscious geek in your life.

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Indiana Jones Aztec Golden Idol ($74.99)

For the raider of your heart, give the gift of the golden idol from the first Indiana Jones film—a replica of the original prop.

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Verso Trends Scholar Notebook Case for Kindle Fire HD ($29.99)

Made specifically for the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, this case gives your tablet a retro back-to-school look, which could also throw off attempted theft efforts.

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Inflatable Military Obstacle Course ($12,500)

A mammoth structure at 85 feet long, this inflatable course challenges competitors to navigate a series of military-style obstacles befitting a first week of boot camp.

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