Helmet Telemetry

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Helmet Telemetry

Simbex installs the accelerometers into a sensor pad that fits into a Riddell football helmet.Photo: Simbex

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Helmet Telemetry - The Sensors Installed

Virginia Tech football helmets showing the accelerometers actually installed.Photo: Virginia Tech

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Helmet Telemetry - The Console

The console includes a radio receiver, a laptop computer and a pager to let the team medical personnel know when a player needs attention.Photo: Simbex

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Helmet Telemetry - The Console in Use

The Simbex console as it is used at Virginia Tech during a football game.Photo: Simbex

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Helmet Telemetry - Forces Illustrated

The Simbex reporting software includes graphical representations showing how hard a player was hit, and from what direction.Photo: Simbex

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Helmet Telemetry - The Team Physician at work

Dr. Gunnar Brolinson (right) and Virginia Tech team trainer Mike Goforth (left) attend to a player during a Virginia Tech football game against LSU.Photo: Virginia Tech

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Helmet Telemetry - The Military Option

The U.S. military has begun outfitting some helmets with head impact sensors to help study the risk of head injuries to soldiers.Photo: Simbex

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