Holiday Treats for Your iPod

Review: Your iPod's been good to you so return the favor with one of these cool accessories. (

Like many people, I have a deep, unexplainable attachment to my iPod. In fact my friends call it an obsession. I like to say "Im an overprotective mom."

I love this device perhaps as much as any mother loves her child. He (its more of a person to me) never leaves my side and I fiercely protect him from the evil, dirty, wanting hands of little children.

I even dress him up on occasion with pretty little jewels. But what does a truly doting mom provide? A nurturing environment. Thats why I upgrade my trusty companion from time to time with, you guessed it: accessories, accessories, accessories!

The fact is, the iPod, isnt just a music player any more. It has evolved into a greater, more robust tool that now plays videos, records audio, and even talks to you, as is the case in Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

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