How Apple Can Overcome Steve Jobs' Exit as CEO: 10 Things to Do

News Analysis: Tim Cook, Steve Jobs' successor as Apple CEO, now has the responsibility of ensuring the iPhone maker continues follow Jobs' vision for producing the most popular computing and entertainment products in the world.

The day that Steve Jobs warned would come has finally arrived. Ill health has forced Jobs to step down as CEO of Apple.

For many Apple fans, the departure of Jobs as CEO was something that they didn't think would happen again. Jobs has long been synonymous with the Apple brand and by the look of things, he will no longer be playing a key role in the company's future development, though he will still have influence as its board chairman.

Regardless, many changes are afoot at Apple as the company transitions to a new boss with new ideas that might or might not work out. In order to overcome that hump, though, Apple must do several things to show customers it can still thrive without Jobs as CEO and continue to produce the best computing and entertainment products in the world.

Read on to find out what Applemust do to overcome the loss of Steve Jobs as CEO.

1. Get the iPhone 5 out the door

Apple's long-awaited iPhone 5 has yet to make an appearance. But now with Steve Jobs gone, perhaps it's a good time for the company to introduce the new device. It can use the event to showcase Tim Cook, and also help allay fears that the company won't have the right product strategy without Jobs as CEO. The iPhone 5 should launch sooner rather than later.

2. Showcase Tim Cook

One of the most important things Apple can do now is promote Tim Cook. The company's new CEO has spent much of his tenure at Apple in Steve Jobs' huge shadow. And there are many consumers (and even shareholders) who don't know much about him. The time has come for Apple to showcase his persona and make him a larger-than-life character like Jobs.

3. Keep business as usual

The last thing Apple should do is change its business in any drastic manner. Steve Jobs knew what he was doing as CEO, and he likely had a roadmap in place that helped determine his company's future. To change up the business now would be a mistake. The smart move would be to change nothing until it absolutely needs adjusting.

4. Talk about Jobs' influence

As noted,Steve Jobs likely had a roadmap in place for where he wanted to take his company. Over the next few years, as Apple releases new products, it should make clear that those products were part of that roadmap. By doing so, it can show that Jobs' influence extends far beyond his tenure as CEO, and that the company's executives have learned much from the man who many gave iconic status.

5. Highlight that Jobs is still the board chairman

Although Steve Jobs might not be Apple's CEO any longer, it's important for the company to point out that he's still the chairman of the board of directors. In that capacity, he can exercise immense influence over the company and help Tim Cook transition into his position as the chief executive officer. Jobs might not have the same influence as he did when he was CEO, but he'll still have some. And that's important for Apple to explain to consumers and shareholders who might be concerned by his departure.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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