How to Get an iPhone 6 From the Big 4 Wireless Carriers

Now that the new iPhone 6 models have been announced, here's how AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are working to get them into the hands of consumers.

iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus smartphones are to be released by Apple on Sept. 19, and AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have just announced their plans on how customers can obtain the larger, more fully featured phones.

The offerings are similar, but vary by company and smartphone plans. All four have also set up pre-ordering processes for the new devices starting today so that customers can reserve their new iPhones.

The basic device prices for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets are the same for all four companies and from Apple as well, but each vendor offers differences, including monthly payment plans that allow users to spread the cost of the phones over a longer period, making them more affordable.

The new iPhones include the iPhone 6 with its 4.7-inch Retina HD display and an even larger iPhone 6 Plus with its 5.5-inch Retina HD screen, according to a recent eWEEK report. The new devices, which come in 16, 64 and 128GB storage capacities, will also come with many other new features and capabilities, making them popular before they've even hit store shelves.

AT&T will offer the phones through its retail stores, starting Sept. 19, under multiple plans, including two-year contracts or through the AT&T Next program, which lets customers update their devices more often, according to the company. The phone purchase fees are in addition to the carrier's calling, data and texting plans. Customers will also be able to receive up to $300 in trade value on their older iPhones. Several of the AT&T promotions for iPhones are limited to offers that will expire Sept. 30.

Under its two-year contract pricing plans, AT&T will charge iPhone 6 buyers $199.99 for a 16GB version, $299.99 for a 64GB version or $399 for a 128GB version. Contract buyers of iPhone 6 Plus devices will pay $299.99 for a 16GB model, $399.99 for a 64GB model or $499.99 for a 128GB model.

Under the AT&T Next plans, customers will pay monthly payments toward their devices and won't have to make any down payments, according to AT&T. A 16GB iPhone 6 buyer on a 12-month Next plan will pay $32.50 per month for their new device, while a 64GB iPhone 6 buyer will pay $37.50 per month under the 12-month plan. Payments for the 128GB iPhone 6 are $42.50 per month. For 18-month Next plan buyers, the 16GB iPhone 6 is $27.09 monthly, while the 64GB model is $31.25 monthly. The 128GB model is $35.42 monthly.

For two-year contract buyers, prices for the larger iPhone 6 Plus phones are $299 for the 16GB models, $399.99 for the 64GB models and $499 for the 128GB models. For buyers through the 12-month Next program, a 16GB iPhone Plus is $37.50 per month, while the 64GB Plus phone is $42.50 per month. The 128GB model is $47.50 per month. On the 18-month Next plan, the 16GB iPhone Plus is $31.25 monthly, while a 64GB model is $35.42 monthly. The 128GB model is $39.59 monthly under the plan.