HTC Aria, Bound for ATandT, Gets Paparazzi Treatment

Grainy images of a slim new Android mobile device are said to show the HTC Aria, the second of five Android smartphones AT&T has planned for 2010. The expected launch date coincides with Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote address, however, which means the Aria could be upstaged by an iPhone 4G announcement.

AT&T's Android-running smartphone options are expected to double in early June, when the carrier will introduce the HTC Aria, its second smartphone to run the Google mobile operating system.
Ahead of the Aria's big debut, however, images that are purportedly of the smartphone have been leaked by the Android Guys. In one photo, the phone-said to be the smallest Android device yet-is placed alongside a business card, and is only a little larger.
According to a number of sources, the Aria is expected to feature an approximately 3-inch display, an optical trackpad or joystick, a 5-megapixel camera, a MicroUSB port and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.
Complementing the Android 2.1 OS, the Aria is also expected to have HTC's Sense user interface. Having debuted on the HTC HD2, Sense enables users to considerably customize the handset and to let it act as a social-networking tool that gathers contact information and friends' updates and streams the information together more efficiently.
AT&T introduced its first Android-running phone, the Motorola Backflip, in early March, saying it was the first of five Android phones it had planned for 2010.
According to the Boy Genius Report, AT&T plans to formally introduce the Aria June 7, which may mean its share of the spotlight will be limited, as Apple is scheduled to kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference the same day with a keynote address from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Many are hoping that Jobs will introduce the 4G version of the iPhone during his address, and perhaps share news about the iPhone model that Apple is reported to be creating for AT&T rival Verizon Wireless.
Pricing information for the Aria appears to be a still well-guarded secret.