HTC Evo 3D 4G Unveiled

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HTC Evo 3D 4G Unveiled

This unassuming device measures a standard 5 inches long, is a narrow-enough 2.6 inches wide and is nearly half an inch thick. It weighs 6 ounces, owing to the chunky 1730-mAh battery designed to power 4G data.

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Note the twin 2D and 3D camera—both HD—surrounded by a rubberized dark-gray back.

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Side View

The phone's right side includes the 2D and 3D camera toggle switch next to a prominent shutter button, designed for easy picture-taking and video shoots.

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Powering Up

The landing screen reveals the new HTC Sense 3.0 UI, enabled by a 4.3-inch Super LCD 540x960 qHD (quarter-high-definition) resolution 3D display. Users can swipe the screen to swivel rapidly, carousel style, through all seven home screens on this device.

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As usual with today's HTC Android phones, when a user adds his or her Google account with the phone, the handset imports the users applications, contacts and even the wallpaper. In this case, the Evo 3D 4G borrowed the wallpaper photo from our Motorola Droid X. This means that Android phone owners will have an easy method of importing content from their current phones to the new Evo 3D 4G.

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One home screen imports a user's bookmarks from previous searches. Tapping on any palette brings you right to that Website.

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HTC Sense 3.0 FriendStream is a fine way to aggregate social-network contacts from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Music Widget

The Evo 3D 4G music widget lets users choose from eight preloaded songs.

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Gmail Access

New Sense 3.0 icons for Gmail at the bottom let users manage their messages.

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Twitter Access

Heres a look at the Twitter for HTC Sense application in action.

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Heres a look at the roomier Gingerbread keyboard on the Evo 3D 4G.

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This is the Contact list on the Evo 3D Sense 3.0 UI.

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3D Still Shots

What's that, you say? Why is it blurry? Well, it was shot in 3D, so you can only see it pop properly with the 3D's stereoscopic screen. Sorry, but we wanted to show you the 3D in action. Videos looked the same way, providing HD video capture at 720p and playback up to 1080p. The Evo 3D 4G is the first U.S. smartphone to shoot and display 3-D pictures and videos.

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3D Sharing&#151Not Yet

We tried to share the 3D pic above with Facebook. No can do! Well, users can still see the pic once uploaded to the social network, but only in 2D.

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Photo Gallery

Heres a look at the stills gallery, where 3D pics are lumped with 2D pics.

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Front-Facing Camera

The Evo 3D 4G's 1.3MP front-facing camera is in action with the author of this review.

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Importing Apps

Evo 3D imports an Android phone user's existing application downloads, but also adds HTC Watch, Gameloft, a 3D Spiderman game and others to the mix.

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