HTC Touch Diamond2, Touch Pro2 Smartphones Released - Page 2

The Touch Diamond2 is said to have evolved the "compact design and iconic style" of the original model, making for a fit better in a hand and optimizing it for one-hand use.
The widescreen VGA display has grown to 3.2 inches (from 2.76 on the U.S. Touch Diamond), and the camera has been boosted from 3.2 megapixels to 5 megapixels and includes auto-focus, expandable memory, and gravity and ambient light sensors.
Additionally, the battery life has been expanded by 20 percent, which HTC expects the enterprise-minded crowd will appreciate.
The Touch Pro2 somewhat resembles the Touch Diamond 2, featuring a 3.6-inch widescreen VGA display. But give it a push and out slips a QWERTY keyboard made more ideal for larger fingers.
The Touch Pro2 also features improved battery life, expandable memory, a touch-sensitive zoom bar, and gravity, proximity and ambient light sensors.
Unique to the Touch Pro2, however, is HTC's Straight Talk technology, which enables the Pro2-with carrier cooperation-to transition from an e-mail to a single- or multi-party conference call, as well as having the ability to offer itself as a conference room-like speakerphone system.
Straight Talk technology, according to HTC, includes a mechanical and acoustic design that allows it to offer a speakerphone experience similar to those in boardrooms; asymmetric speakers and noise suppression technology with full-duplex acoustics deliver a "high-fidelity voice and sound experience."
The Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 will be available from mid-May through the end of June for a retail price equivalent to $725 and $885, respectively. They're slated for arrival in North America later this year.