Hydrogen One Holographic Display Phone Going on Sale With AT&T, Verizon

Both AT&T and Verizon announced May 17 that they will sell the Hydrogen One smartphone starting later in 2018. Unique to the Hydrogen One, which is manufactured by Red, is its 5.7-inch 4-View holographic display, which will allow users to view images and capture video in what appears as 3D without having to use 3D glasses. 

The display is paired with multidimensional surround sound, industrial design elements and expansion capabilities that will allow users to swap in a series of modules with various optional handset features. 

Red is also set to launch what it calls its Hydrogen Network, which will feature a 4-View video content channel displaying films, music and games created by developers, musicians and directors, alongside independent creators. Pricing has not been announced, though the phones were available for preorder earlier from Red for $1,295 in aluminum or $1,595 in titanium. 

Barracuda Networks announced its cloud-delivered Web Application Firewall service on May 16, providing organizations with a new approach to managing, deploying and integrating application security into an application delivery stack. 

The Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service offering builds on the company's existing WAF products, which include both physical and virtual appliance. 

"With the existing WAFs that we had, you would still have to go in [and] set up the machine, give it an IP address, connect it to the network, manage the policies and deal with failover," Nitzan Miron, vice president of Product Management for Application Security Services at Barracuda, told eWEEK. "With WAF-as-a-Service, we take all the complexity and do it for customers," he added.