Intel Ships 7 New Mobile Chips

One day after cutting prices on its mobile Pentium III-M and Celeron chips, Intel releases seven new mobile processors Monday, marking the completion of its mobile line's transition to the company's new 0.13-micron manufacturing process.

Intel Corp. released seven new mobile processors Monday, marking the completion of its mobile lines transition to the companys new 0.13-micron manufacturing process.

The product releases came one day after Intel trimmed prices by as much as 30 percent on its mobile Pentium III-M and Celeron chips.

By switching its processor production from a 0.18-micron to a 0.13-micron manufacturing process, Intel is able to make smaller, faster and less power-hungry chips.

The latest mobile offerings from the Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker include three new Low Voltage and Ultra Low Voltage Pentium III processors and an Ultra Low Voltage mobile Celeron processor, running at speeds ranging from 650MHz to 866MHz.

In addition, Intel launched three mobile Celeron processors running at speeds of 1.06GHz to 1.20GHz.

Intels Celeron chips feature only half the on-die memory of comparable Pentium III processors, and are therefore priced lower and targeted at what the company calls "value notebooks."

Prices for the new chips (in 1,000-unit quantities) were listed at $316 for the 866MHz and 850MHz Low Voltage mobile Pentium IIIs, as well as for the 750MHz Ultra Low Voltage mobile Pentium III.

The 1.2GHz mobile Celeron is priced at $170; the 1.3GHz, at $134; and the 1.06GHz, at $107. The 650MHz Ultra Low Voltage mobile Celeron is being offered at $144.

Intels release of the new processors came after the company announced price cuts on 17 of its mobile chips.

The 1.2GHz mobile Pentium III incurred the biggest cut, falling 30 percent from $722 to $508. Despite the drop, the chips price remains at a premium compared with the new mobile Celeron clocked at the same speed, which costs $338 less.

Other processor prices were trimmed from 15 percent to 27 percent.