iOS 12 Enhancements Tops List of Likely Announcements at WWDC 2018

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iOS 12 Enhancements Tops List of Likely Announcements at WWDC 2018

When Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage for his keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference June 4, there’s a good chance product reliability will be on his mind. According to several reports, Apple has been working feverishly to improve the stability and reliability of its operating systems after several recent missteps and plans to release major upgrades this year. Meanwhile, Apple is believed to have been investing heavily in augmented reality and mapping technology and seems poised to at least discuss the future of its healthcare efforts with Apple Watch. Although software improvements will dominate the show, hardware might also be on the docket. Read on for some predictions on what Apple will introduce at WWDC 2018.

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Users Want a More Reliable iOS 12

Earlier in 2018, several reports surfaced that said Apple had ditched plans to launch several new features in iOS 12. Instead, the company decided to focus its efforts on improving the stability of iOS 12 after frequent user complaints about reliable performance. Now, most reports say Apple will deliver only minor aesthetic tweaks in iOS 12 and instead focus its sales pitch on major improvements under the hood.

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Look for a Minor macOS Update

Apple also isn’t planning a big update to macOS, according to reports. Instead, Apple is said to be working on some new security enhancements that will do a better job of safeguarding the company’s computers. There’s also some talk that Apple could launch a universal app feature that would allow developers to create one app that would work on a Mac or iPad. For users, it would mean easier data migration and software upgrades.

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Apple Will Add More Health Management Features to watchOS 5

Apple has clearly positioned its Apple Watch as a health device that gives users far more insight into what’s happening in their bodies. In watchOS 5, Apple could enhance health-tracking features and unveil some new tools that can track a person’s heart, blood sugar levels, and much more.

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Apple Will Talk About Major Siri Improvements

Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri is in need of serious improvement.  As rival systems such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant continue gain more capabilities, Siri needs a shakeup to keep up. Apple is reportedly working on a variety of improvements to Siri, which needs to do a better job of handling basic tasks such as creating calendar events and integrating with smart home devices. Siri could also get deeper integration with Apple’s many apps, including Messages, and do a better job of understanding user intent.

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Apple Keeps Improving Maps

Several reports of late have said that Apple has spent an inordinate amount of time working on the future of Apple Maps. The company is said to have used drones to improve its mapping and is increasing the number of places its indoor mapping feature is working. Still other reports have said the company is working on an alternative to Google’s Street View. Either way, expect Apple Maps to at least try to catch up to Google Maps in its next iteration.

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Expect Significant Updates to ARKit

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that he believes augmented reality has a bright future. And last year, the company unveiled a variety of augmented reality features through its ARKit platform that it hoped developers would integrate into their apps. According to several rumors, Apple is improving ARKit and plans to offer even more augmented reality features to developers.

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Look for Important Swift Language Enhancements

Apple’s Swift programming language gets new updates each year and it likely Apple will take about the latest innovations at WWDC. Developers are especially interested in improvements to the language, since it has a direct impact on their apps and the features they can integrate into them. Swift improvements won’t be the most exciting announcement during Apple’s keynote, but for developers they could be the most important.

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There’s Persistent Talk About a Powerful New iPad Pro

Reports have been swirling for months that say Apple is working on a new iPad Pro that will deliver far more computing power than any tablet that’s come before it. This new model, which rumors suggest could be known as the iPad Pro X, could come with the same design as Apple’s iPhone X, complete with a notch at the top. It might also be the first Apple tablet to come with an OLED screen and Face ID. There have been multiple reports about a new iPad Pro and could finally make its debut on June 4.

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Apple May Share More Details on New Mac Pro

Apple confirmed recently that it’s working on a Mac Pro designed specifically for creative professionals. While the machine won’t launch until 2019, speculation abounds that Apple will provide a preview at WWDC to placate users that have been waiting years for an Mac Pro update. Look for the Mac Pro to come with an all-new design, the latest and greatest components and a price tag that shock companies.

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Apple Is Due to Provide Update on AirPower

After Apple unveiled its AirPower wireless charging pad last year, the company promised its launch for 2018. Since then, as the months have ticked by, Apple has remained silent on when AirPower will materialize. Most industry pundits believe that will change at this year’s show and Apple will finally reveal all the pricing and availability details the industry has been waiting on.

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OnePlus 6 Smartphone Comes With High-End Features at Midrange Price

The OnePlus 6 Android handset gets kudos for coming to the market with the high-end features such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, but it gets dinged for looking a bit too much like the iPhone X.