iOS 4.2 Brings iPad Users Up to Par

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iOS 4.2 Brings iPad Users Up to Par

by P. J. Connolly

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Application Folders for iPad

As iOS 4.0 did for iPhone users, iOS 4.2 gives iPad users the ability to create application folders and better organize the devices desktop.

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Soft Orientation Selection

The iPad when originally released offered a hardware-based orientation selector; this has been moved into the menu of open applications and the hardware switch converted into a mute switch to match the iPhone.

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Find My iPhone Now Free

The Find My iPhone application is now available for iPad and is available for free to any user, via the MobileMe service.

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Walk and Chew Gum, Sort Of

The multitasking feature of iOS is really more like the old Switcher of early Mac OS releases; it suspends the state of the application, but processes alerts and notifications in the background.

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Searchin' Safari

Finding text on a Web page is made possible in iOS 4.2 for the iPad; entering a word or phrase in the Search box brings up results from ones preferred search engine or the current page.

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One Inbox to Hold Them All

Users with multiple e-mail accounts can now view the Mail Inbox as a unified collection of received mail, or broken down by e-mail account.

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GameCenter Now on iPad

Gamers no longer have to choose between their iPads and their recreation; iOS 4.2 for iPad includes access to the Apple Game Center.

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Choose Fonts for Notes

The Notes app built into iOS can now display text in one of three fonts; fans of Comic Sans will have to wait for it to become an option.

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Threaded Conversations

With the release of iOS 4.2, iPad users gain the ability to view e-mail in threaded conversations, automatically organizing ones inbox.

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