iOS 6, MacBooks, iPad Mini and Other Apple Products to Look for at WWDC

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple is expected to have an awfully busy 2012. Just how busy might become clearer during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that starts on June 11. The products that are introduced at the show, and even those that aren’t, should provide some insight about Apple's plans for the rest of the year.

Over the first five months of 2012, Apple has done little to impress its core customers. The company has yet to unveil the new iPhone. Its new iPad, while popular, is by no means a major update some observers hoped for. What€™s worse, Siri continues to deliver a beta experience, and iCloud, while nice in its own right, has yet to fully realize its potential. When it comes to major new products, Apple has uncharacteristically been quiet this year.

But over the next several months, that€™ll soon change. And that change will be kicked off at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starting on June 11. According to reports, Apple could announce everything from a new line of MacBook Pros at the Worldwide Developers Conference to the latest iPhone. In addition, the company is slated to launch OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. Simply put, it€™ll be a big event.

But that could be just the beginning of what might be a major year for Apple product launches. Find out what products you should expect Apple to launch at WWDC (and beyond).

1. New MacBook Pros

According to nearly all of the latest rumors, Apple will be announcing its new MacBook Pro line at WWDC. Those reports claim that the devices could come with a thinner, lighter form factor and Retina Display. Couple that with more powerful components, and it sounds like the Macs might be winners.

2. A new MacBook Air

In addition to MacBook Pros, there is rampant speculation that Apple will be unveiling all new MacBook Airs at its WWDC keynote. Why? Simple: the company is facing a host of competitors delivering Ultrabooks that look eerily similar to the MacBook Air. The time has come for Apple to re-establish itself in the ultra-slim marketplace with the MacBook Air.

3. Where€™s the iPhone 5?

Apple€™s iPhone 5 has been rumored for months now, and yet, the company hasn€™t given any indication that it€™ll be launching anytime soon. But whether it€™s unveiled at WWDC or later in the year, rest assured that Apple will launch a new iPhone in 2012€”4G LTE and all.

4. Expect an iPad Mini Later this Year

Although Apple launched the new iPad earlier this year, there€™s an increasingly strong chance that the company will unveil a 7-inch slate, called the iPad Mini. At this point, the rumor mill and supply chain sources say that the iPad Mini will be hitting store shelves around the holidays, and that seems to make sense, given Apple€™s recent launch cycles.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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