iOS 7: 10 Important Features We Want to See

1 - iOS 7: 10 Important Features We Want to See
2 - A Less-Corny Design
3 - Support for Near-Field Communication
4 - Multiple-User Support
5 - A File System
6 - Improved Notifications
7 - More Unlocking Features
8 - Enhanced Security Features
9 - A Return of YouTube
10 - A Much, Much Better Maps App
11 - More Control Over Its Look and Feel
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iOS 7: 10 Important Features We Want to See

by Don Reisinger

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A Less-Corny Design

Let's be honest: the interface design that comes with Apple's iOS is looking a little corny these days. Apple provides a host of textures and real-life designs that are supposed to mimic what a particular application would look like in the real world. That has hurt the design a bit and caused Apple's operating system to look a bit gimmicky. That needs to stop.

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Support for Near-Field Communication

According to several reports, there's a chance that near-field communication support will be coming to iOS 7 at some point. Chances are that will happen when the next iPhone is announced. But if Apple has plans for a near-field communication system—a feature that has been a major advantage for iPhone's competitors—it has to make sure to deliver a solid implementation.

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Multiple-User Support

One of the glaring omissions in iOS 7 is multiple-user support. After seven versions, it would only make sense for Apple to allow multiple users to access a single device and have their own applications and other information retained in separate profiles. Mobile operating systems need to grow up. And that can only happen with help from multiple user features.

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A File System

Why doesn't iOS come with a file system? For years, users have been requesting the ability to manage files on the operating system, and yet, Apple hasn't delivered. It's high time that Apple bundles even a simple file system into iOS to make it more useful.

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Improved Notifications

The notification system built into iOS is fine, but it needs some revisions. The system should be more configurable, allowing users to have more control over what they see and what they don't. It would also be nice if the notification system wasn't so intrusive—a pop-up at the top of the display is still annoying. Fewer annoyances would be nice.

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More Unlocking Features

Since its inception, iOS has only allowed users to unlock their devices by swiping across the screen. But with Android now supporting several different unlocking features, including the ability to take a picture of yourself to open the device, it's about time Apple catches up and delivers more unlocking options.

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Enhanced Security Features

All of the data surrounding the security community suggests that more malware than ever is being created to target mobile devices. So, it would be nice to see Apple boost iOS 7's security features to keep users safer from malware threats. The more security the operating system delivers the better.

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A Return of YouTube

Apple's ridiculous spat with Google is only hurting its users. The lack of a built-in YouTube application in iOS is downright ludicrous. Apple needs to bring back YouTube to the operating system and make it easy to access videos. Not to do so makes Apple look petty and would be a huge mistake.

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A Much, Much Better Maps App

When Apple unveiled its Maps application last year, it was so bad, the company was forced to apologize and suggest alternatives. Since Apple won't bring back Google Maps, the company should make clear at its upcoming WWDC that its Maps application has been dramatically improved. If it can't do that, Apple will have real trouble appealing to users.

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More Control Over Its Look and Feel

Apple loves to control all aspects of its products' hardware and software design. But sooner or later, Apple needs to give users far more customization options to truly make the operating system look the way they want. If the rumors are true and iOS 7 will come with a simpler, flatter, and less-colorful design, Apple should give users the opportunity to modify it as they see fit. Customization options matter to smartphone users.

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