iPad 3: 10 Hot Features Apple Needs to Include

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple's iPad 3 is right around the corner, and when the device launches, there are several features that users want to see.

Apple will be holding a special even March 7 at which the company is expected to finally unveil the iPad 3. Historically, Apple has used this time of the year to show off its new tablet, and if all the rumors are to be believed, this will be no different. The big question now is no longer when it will come€”but, rather, what will the iPad 3 come with to entice consumers to buy it?

Alas, Apple is notoriously secretive and has always been loath to reveal details about upcoming launches. So, all the reports surrounding the iPad 3 are based solely on rumors that have floated around Cupertino, Calif.; the company€™s supply chain; and elsewhere around the world.

However, that doesn€™t mean today€™s consumers and enterprise users can€™t hope for something new and exciting in the iPad 3. In fact, at this point, it€™s best for those folks to list out the features they€™re hoping for and see if Apple plays its part in making them happy.

While no one but a few Apple executives knows for sure what€™s in store for March 7, it€™s worth looking at some different features that customers and business users are hoping the iPad 3 delivers.

1. Retina Display

Apple€™s Retina Display is wildly popular on the iPhone and iPod Touch. But the time has come for Apple to deliver the same feature to the iPad. After all, Retina Displays really are the future of screen technology, and not to bring it to its flagship mobile product would be a mistake on Apple€™s part.

2. Siri

Last year, Apple introduced Siri to the iPhone 4S. So far, the technology isn€™t running on any of the company€™s other products. However, chances are that Apple will be bringing Siri to the iPad 3 as it starts to roll out the feature across its product line. I€™m sure you€™re awfully excited to hear that.

3. 4G support

One of the things missing in the iPad 2 is 4G connectivity. In order to connect to the Web when you€™re away from a WiFi signal, you€™ll need to connect to 3G. And as you know, 3G is so 2010. It would be awfully nice if Apple offers up 4G in the iPad 3 and finally matches the many competitors that are already offering the technology.

4. The same price

Historically, Apple has delivered new iPads at the same price as their predecessors. With any luck at all, that won€™t change this year, either. Some reports say Apple will launch the next iPad at a slight premium of $60 or $70, but that has so far not been confirmed. Here€™s hoping Apple keeps the iPad€™s price the same.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...