iPad 3 Launching March 7: 10 Things to Expect From Apple

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple is holding a special event to unveil the iPad 3 on March 7. But what should we all expect from the show?

Apple is holding its special iPad 3 event on March 7. The big day is expected to show off the company's new tablet plans€”and potentially show off not one, but two new iPads. For its part, Apple has not commented on what it has planned for the show, but that's not necessarily out of the norm, given the company's history. As a result, there are a host of major question marks surrounding the iPad 3 event.

But rather than focus on what the iPad 3 might come with, it might be a better time to discuss some of the things that will likely happen at the event. From an appearance from Apple CEO Tim Cook to the possibility of a new Apple TV launching, the company's iPad 3 event is slated to be the biggest one we've seen in a long time. And consumers around the world will be anxious to see what happens.

1. Tim Cook to fall back€”again

At recent press events, Tim Cook has come out on stage initially, but left much of the presenting work to his top executives. Chances are this will happen again. Cook is simply not comfortable in the spotlight, and it seems he doesn't want to be a Steve Jobs copycat. So, while he might unveil the iPad 3, don't expect him to talk details.

2. iOS 5.1 talk

Apple's iOS 5.1 is expected to be shown off at the iPad 3 event. The operating system is currently in testing and is getting closer to its public launch. What better place to unveil the software, which will come with a host of security and bug fixes, than with the iPad 3?

3. Sales figures, galore

If Apple likes to do anything at its press events, it's tout its success. At the March 7 event, expect the company to kick things off with the latest iPad, iPhone and maybe even Mac sales data. That usually provides the foundation for all Apple announcements after that, and it shouldn't be any different this time around.

4. Android comparisons

At the same time, Apple likes to draw distinctions between its products and those offered by other companies. So there's a good chance that Apple will show iPad market share compared with Android share. There's also a good chance it'll talk about future consumer and enterprise buying expectations. Oh, and expect all that to be glowing.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...