iPad With 13-Inch Screen Is a Smart Move: 10 Reasons Why

1 - iPad With 13-Inch Screen Is a Smart Move: 10 Reasons Why
2 - It Puts All Competitors On Notice
3 - Developers Don't Seem to Care
4 - It's the Next Frontier
5 - Apple Can Afford It
6 - The Bigger the Retina, the Better
7 - The iPad Mini Is Too Close
8 - Tablets Are Notebook Replacements
9 - Microsoft Is Moving There
10 - It Opens Up OS X
11 - Or, Perhaps, a Single-OS Apple?
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iPad With 13-Inch Screen Is a Smart Move: 10 Reasons Why

by Don Reisinger

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It Puts All Competitors On Notice

If Apple were to launch a 13-inch iPad, the company would send a clear message to competitors that it's here to win the tablet market. Apple has been content to stick with the same products over the last few years. Changing things up would allow Apple to show competitors that it's willing to do what it takes to be successful.

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Developers Don't Seem to Care

When the iPad Mini launched, there was some concern that the device would turn away developers who didn't want to create programs for multiple screen sizes. However, that hasn't happened in the least. In fact, developers are easily porting their apps to different iPads. If developers are fine with the move, why shouldn't Apple feel the same way?

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It's the Next Frontier

Looking at the tablet space, there isn't much for companies to do other than increase screen sizes. Tablets need to be thin, and have prominent displays and small bezels. In other words, there isn't much that can be done to the form factor. Increasing a display size, however, could be just what customers want.

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Apple Can Afford It

Investing in a 13-inch Retina display isn't necessarily cost-effective for most companies. However, with billions of dollars in cash on hand, Apple has more than enough money to get it just right and deliver something truly special. Here's hoping the company will do so soon.

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The Bigger the Retina, the Better

If the MacBook Pro with Retina has taught us anything, it's that the larger the screen size available, the better. Everything just looks better on a larger Retina display. And it's about time Apple acknowledges that.

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The iPad Mini Is Too Close

One of the issues with Apple's iPad line is that the company's smaller tablet, the iPad Mini, is too close in size (and price) to the high-end tablet. That has caused some cannibalization in Apple's product line. By launching a 13-inch tablet, Apple can get enough space between the devices to ensure it appeals to two very different customers.

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Tablets Are Notebook Replacements

Tablets are increasingly becoming notebook replacements. However, the chief issue they have in achieving that mission is that their screens are a little small. By launching a 13-inch iPad, Apple can increase its chances of seeing its device replace notebooks at an even faster clip.

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Microsoft Is Moving There

It seems clear—based on the size of Microsoft's Surface Pro and the fact that the company has modified its business model to focus more on hardware—that Microsoft wants to be competing in the high-end, large-screen tablet space. Realizing that, Apple must respond by delivering a great product first. Time is of the essence.

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It Opens Up OS X

One of the nice things about launching a 13-inch iPad is that the device could potentially run on iOS or OS X. After all, Microsoft has found a way to get Windows running on tablets. Wouldn't OS X be an ideal complement to the iPad? Apple is making OS X more touch-friendly. Maybe that's an intentional move on its way to the top of tablets.

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Or, Perhaps, a Single-OS Apple?

Then again, it's entirely possible that Apple, at some point, decides to ditch one of its operating systems and goes with a single software package. Bringing on a 13-inch iPad would make that transition a bit easier, since Apple could test the market and see if making such a move makes sense. It might not right now, but in five years, who knows?

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