iPhone 5 Due in September: 10 Reasons This Smartphone Is Worth the Wait

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple's iPhone 5 is scheduled to hit store shelves next month. Apple fans and mobile market pundits have been speculating about when it will arrive. But when it finally does hit the market, you can bet it'll be worth the wait.

Apple's iPhone 4S is getting a little old. The device's dual-core processor doesn't quite hold up against its powerful, quad-core competitors. Furthermore its design, while still nice, is starting to look long in the tooth, compared to the latest models that have reached the market in recent months. Apple's iPhone simply needs a refresh.

Luckily, Apple plans to offer up a new iPhone next month, according to reports. The updated model, which has yet to even be confirmed much less named by Apple, will more than likely ship with iOS 6. Better yet, it'll have an improved processor, and according to nearly every rumor out there, a 4-inch screen, dwarfing the 3.5-inch display currently available in its iPhone 4S.

By the look of things, the next iPhone is going to be a major step up over the iPhone 4S. And with any luck at all, it'll come in at the same $199 price with the usual two year wireless carrier contract, making it all the more worthwhile a purchase.

Today, though, there may be many folks who are ready to buy a new smartphone. There are plenty of Android handset makers that would be more than happy to help them make that purchase. But even smartphone shoppers ready now to make that final decision would be well advised to consider waiting for the next iPhone. Chances are it'll be worth the wait.

Read on to find out why:

1. It'll come with a better processor

Although it's tough to say if the iPhone 5 will come with the long-rumored quad-core processor or the dual-core A5X chip found in Apple's new iPad, it's not a stretch to say that it'll definitely come with a better processor than is currently built into the iPhone 4S. What that means is the next iPhone will deliver better performance and offer up a vastly improved user experience. Who can get upset with that?

2. That larger screen is coming

There's little doubt that Apple will be delivering a larger screen in the iPhone 5. Apple's competitors are nearly all offering displays larger than the iPhone 4S' 3.5-inch screen, making it a near-necessity for Apple to respond. Look for a 4-inch display to come to the iPhone 5.

3. 4G LTE is the new standard

Now that Apple has finally brought 4G LTE to its iPad, it would only make sense for the company to follow suit with its next iPhone. With 4G LTE, consumers and enterprise users can connect to faster networks, creating a superior wireless connection and browsing experience to what's currently available in the iPhone 4S. Waiting for 4G LTE to come to the iPhone is definitely worth the wait.

4. The Galaxy S III isn't an iPhone

There are many high-quality Android-based devices on store shelves, but the best of the bunch is the Samsung Galaxy S III. While that might seem like a fine alternative to the iPhone 4S, it likely won't be able to hold up against the iPhone 5. With that in mind, it might be best to wait for Apple's handset rather than go with what will likely be trumped in the next few weeks.

5. Apple's current iPhones are lame ducks

If customers really can't wait to get another smartphone, buying the Galaxy S III or one of Apple's current iPhones might do the trick. However, it should be pointed out that Apple's iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are lame ducks with features and components that will soon be outdated. There's nothing worse than buying an Apple product, only to have it replaced in a couple of weeks.

6. Windows Phone 8 won't do the trick

Those strongly considering a Windows Phone 8 device will need to wait at least a couple of months before they can get their hands on that operating system. Right now, most Windows Phone 8 devices are expected to be announced in September and likely hit store shelves in October or so. Considering Apple's iPhone 5 will likely launch in September, those looking for a new device sooner rather than later would do better to jump on Apple's handset rather than wait for Microsoft's operating system to launch.

7. RIM is struggling to survive

There was a time when RIM's BlackBerry devices were considered a reasonable alternative to Apple's iPhone. Nowadays, however, that's simply not the case. RIM is dead in the water. And it's a mistake to either own one of the company's products or buy one of them at any point in the future. It's much better to wait for the iPhone and get a device that will still prove relevant for at least the next two years.

8. For the enterprise, it's the only move

Looking around the mobile market, it's hard to find a single device besides those fading RIM handsets that will be as welcome in the enterprise as the iPhone over the next few years. The device is what employees are increasingly bringing into the office as the BYOD craze continues and companies are warming to the idea of supporting it. The iPhone 5 might just be the most popular Apple handset to ever hit the enterprise.

9. Remember Apple's support practices

Getting a new iPhone now or sticking with what you have might prove troublesome down the road. Apple is notorious for requiring its customers to update and after a couple of years, stops supporting certain devices. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the iPhone 3GS and iOS 6. Keep that in mind when deciding whether to buy a new iPhone.

10. What iPhone isn't?

Let's face it: Apple's iPhone is the top smartphone in the world. And with each new launch, Apple delivers something new and exciting that proves worth the wait. With the iPhone 5 just a month away, according to reports, it would only make sense to wait and once again take advantage of Apple's updates.

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