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5. Fix the antenna placement

When Apple launched the iPhone 4, the company quickly acknowledged that the device€™s design, and more specifically, its antenna placement, caused reception problems. Although that problem has mostly been dealt with in the iPhone 4S, it would be nice if Apple finally solves the antenna placement once and for all in the iPhone 5. In other words, put it where it can€™t be touched€“or interfered with.

6. A smaller Dock connector would be nice

Apple is reportedly moving away from its 30-pin Dock Connector and going with a 19-pin flavor. That would save room on the bottom of the iPhone and allow Apple to move some other parts to the bottom of the device.

7. Move the headphone jack to the bottom

Speaking of parts that would be crunched to the bottom of the iPhone 5, it would be nice if the headphone jack makes an appearance next to the Dock connector, as several reports have suggested. By placing it there, Apple would make it easier for users to keep the iPhone 5 in a pocket or case and not have to worry about the cord.

8. Yes, a bigger screen

Apple€™s iPhone 5 must come with a larger screen. Apple doesn€™t necessarily need to match the 4.8-inch screen in the Galaxy S III, but it would be great to have a 4-inch display in the device. A manageably larger screen size is always better.

9. Maintain the box-like feel (and heaviness)

Although some have criticized Apple for the device€™s heaviness, it adds a bit of class and feeling of quality. In addition, Apple shouldn€™t ditch the box-like look to the handset. It lacks the curves found in other devices, but that€™s€™ just fine. It makes the device look a bit more professional, which is nice.

10. Don€™t go color crazy

The last thing Apple should do is go crazy with different colors. White and black options are fine, but beyond that, Apple should forget about colors. Let the other companies deliver different colors€“it tends to cheapen the brand. And that€™s something Apple just can€™t do.

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