iPhone 5S Will Be a Bore Compared to Competing Smartphones

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple’s iPhone 5S is slated to launch later this year, but customers shouldn’t expect to see major changes in the handset’s design.

The iPhone 5S is coming to store shelves later this year. Exactly when, however, is unknown. Some reports have suggested that the device will ship this summer since the handset will come with the same basic design as its predecessor, the iPhone 5.

Others have pointed to Apple's disclosure that it's launching iOS 7 in the fall to prove that the iPhone 5S will be available around the same time. Historically, Apple has launched a new iPhone with its latest operating system launch.

Regardless of when the iPhone 5S is made available, customers shouldn't expect many significant new features. The device, if the rumors are true and Apple's own past moves are any indication, will be a bore compared with other smartphones that have reached the market in recent months.

The handset will launch with the same design as its predecessor. It will come with barely updated components and will lack the feature set that would put it on an even playing field with the Samsung Galaxy S 4. In other words, the iPhone 5S could very well disappoint those who have come to expect big things from Apple.

Read on to find out why the iPhone 5S will be a bit of a bore.

1. The same iPhone 5 design

If the dozens of leaked photos are any indication of what Apple has planned for the iPhone 5S, the device will come with the same design as its predecessor, the iPhone 5. While that might appeal to some Apple fans who are pleased with that device's consistent look and feel, it's unfortunate that Apple won't show off something a bit flashier.

2. A better flash will impress few new buyers

Speaking of flash, it appears that, based on the images leaked so far, Apple's next iPhone will come with an enhanced camera flash. Granted, that will improve photo taking, but is it really the kind of feature that requires so much attention? A bigger light on the back of the iPhone 5S is hardly any more exciting.

3. The quad-core A7

There is one positive surprise: the A6 processor currently available in the iPhone 5 will be replaced by the company's quad-core A7 chip in the iPhone 5S. That means the device will be able to deliver more processing power and deliver an overall better user experience. But initial reports suggest the performance improvement will not set a new standard.

4. Multiple colors are possible

According to several reports from China, where Apple's next device is being produced, the company has decided to offer several color versions to iPhone 5S customers. So, in addition to the white and black that are available now, customers will be able to choose from blue, red, yellow and other colors.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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