iPhone Configuration Utility 3.0: Seven New Features, Plus One Thats Missing

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iPhone Configuration Utility 3.0: Seven New Features, Plus One Thats Missing

by P. J. Connolly

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Restrictions Get Granular

New options in the Restrictions tab of the iPhone Configuration Utility allow more control over the use of bundled applications such as Safari.

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More VPN Options

This release of iPhone Configuration Utility allows for central authentication setup for Cisco AnyConnect and Juniper SSL VPNs, as well as those supported in earlier releases.

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CardDAV Configuration

Contact synchronization can now be set up in the iPhone Configuration Utility, down to the user ID level.

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Web Clips

Web Clips can now behave as full-screen applications in iOS 4, allowing access to ASP Websites or Web-based services.

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SCEP to MLou

SCEP profiles for iOS devices can now use name types beyond those found in X.500 certificates, including DNS and URI formats.

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management in iOS 4 allows the iPhone Configuration Utility to set basic parameters for what functions are controlled by an MDM server.

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Put a Brake on Exchange Synchronization

Administrators can limit the backward synchronization of Exchange e-mail with iPhone Configuration Utility 3, but theres still something missing ...

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Another ActiveSync Feature Remains at Loose Ends

Shortly after the iOS 4 release, Apple pushed out a policy fix that allows a longer interval between ActiveSync tasks, but this policy still cant be defined in an ICU device profile.

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