iPhone Media Gallery

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iPhone Media Gallery

The IBM Connections mobile app's Media Gallery enables users to upload and share images and videos for viewing.??íIDC ranked IBM first in enterprise social platforms market share for 2009 and 2010.??í Source: IDC, "Worldwide Social Platforms 2010 Vendor Shares," June 2011, Doc #228808

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iPhone Connections

The new mobile app for Apple iOS that supports IBM Connections social software allows users to post home page status updates in a private and confidential manner for only people in their communities.

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iPhone Ideation

IBM's social software portfolio, which includes Connections, allows people to work in transparent and nimble ways to create business value. The Connections mobile app for iOS features an Ideation Blog, which allows people to generate and vote on ideas at work.

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Android Communities

Due to the rise of social networking in the workplace, companies are looking for ways to better integrate these industry forces to help organizations accelerate collaboration, deepen customer relationships, generate new ideas faster and enable a more effective workforce. The IBM Connections mobile app for Android has a page that displays thumbnails of the multimedia content in a Community's media gallery.??í

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Android Updates

Android device users experience what IBM calls "Social Everywhere" with the new mobile Connections app, which allows workers to connect to their social networks at anytime and anywhere using a wide range of devices and applications.

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Android Upload Media

IBM's new mobile apps from Connections for Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry show that Big Blue is poised to exploit the convergence of social networking and mobile markets. The new Connections mobile app shown here allows workers to generate and vote on ideas on the go.

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BlackBerry Homepage

The IBM Connections home page allows BlackBerry users to see what's happening in their social networks through consolidated, customizable overviews of it.

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BlackBerry Ideation

The latest capabilities in IBM Connections, such as Moderation, Ideation Blogs, shown here on a BlackBerry, as well as the Media Gallery, enable workers to embrace networks of people who are engaged.

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BlackBerry Smarter

Mobility is key to IBM's goal of building a smarter planet.??í Smart devices help people gather and share knowledge and insight faster and more accurately.??í The rapid proliferation of mobile devices has also spawned an increasingly mobile workforce that needs to be as interconnected, intelligent and instrumented as the digital and physical systems upon which they depend.

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Android Contacts

Multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 diesel engine maker Cummins Inc. uses IBM Lotus Notes Traveler to enable its workers to stay connected while out of the office from a variety of devices. Traveler enables IBM email, contacts (which is shown here), calendar and to-do lists to be securely accessible from the most popular mobile devices. A new version of Lotus Notes Traveler software now offers partial wipe for Apple iOS. Partial wipe allows a company to wipe only the company data from the device. This is useful if a device is lost or stolen or if an employee leaves the company. This image shows the Notes Contacts list feature.

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