iPhone Platform Gets 3M Health Care Dictation App

The iPhone OS is the latest platform to receive a 3M Mobile Dictation Software app, which enables health care staff to dictate notes for transcription and quick delivery to hospital systems. The app is already offered for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms.

3M Health Information Systems is releasing a 3M Mobile Dictation Software for the iPhone platform.
The mobile application, announced Feb. 25, enables physicians to dictate notes, view patient lists and view patient information on their mobile device, using WiFi or a 3G connection.
Currently available on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms, the new software will extend the solution to iPhones and presumably the soon-to-be-released Apple iPad, both of which run the iPhone OS. (Apple is reportedly looking to expand the iPhone to additional platforms as well.)
"Our clients are looking for tools and technology that make workflow processes much more efficient," Ray Terrill, senior vice president of 3M Health Information Systems, said in a statement. "By expanding our dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions to new mobile platforms such as the iPhone, we're demonstrating our commitment to helping clients improve provider satisfaction and reduce transcription costs and turnaround times."
The Apple-geared solution may be a strong fit for the health-care industry, which is reportedly looking forward to the iPad's arrival. A recent survey by medical app provider Epocrates found that nearly 20 percent of the clinicians it surveyed were interested in the iPad, while 9 percent said they planned to buy one as soon as the tablets become available.
Additionally, 38 percent of the clinicians surveyed said they were interested but needed more information before they'd commit to buying, while 13 percent said they planned to buy one within the year.
The 3M solution includes security features that meet HIPAA regulations for encryption and authentication.
It also enables digital dictation files to be transcribed and routed to the hospital information system, electronic medical record system or practice management system, according to 3M. Additionally, it's said to integrate with current 3M hospital dictation and transcription solutions, including ChartScript and VoiceScript software.