iPhone Turns 5: 10 Contributions to Users and the Mobile Industry

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple’s iPhone is now five years old. And in that period it has radically altered the experience of using a smartphone for consumers and business users. It also forced the entire mobile phone industry to rethink what it takes to make a high-quality smartphone.

Apple€™s iPhone is now five years old. And in that time, the company has sold more than 250 million iPhones worldwide and cemented itself as the world€™s top smartphone maker. Apple not only revolutionized its business with the iPhone, the company revolutionized the entire mobile market. And now, five years later, every other company in the space is left to hope and wish that one day, it can be like Apple.

Apple€™s significance in the mobile market cannot be understated. The company made the world see that smartphones could be more than devices that users send out emails and surf the Web. More importantly, the firm has shown other companies how they can improve their own products.

Simply put, Apple has brought an awful lot to the mobile space. And the company€™s contributions over the last five years should be celebrated.

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1. A new world of touch screens

Before the iPhone arrived on the scene, there were a few devices with touch screens. However, they lacked the responsiveness and overall quality found in Apple€™s option. Since then, touch screens have continued to improve. And we all have Apple to thank for it.

2. Shifting enterprise ideas

There was a time€”even after the iPhone launched€”when IT decision-makers thought that they would never bring an Apple product into the office. But the iPhone helped change that, thanks to its many corporate-friendly features. Now, IT staff is bringing Apple devices, including the iPad and Macs, to the office. The staff is just fine doing it.

3. An eye on design

Looking at the devices that were available before the iPhone launched five years ago, it€™s easy to be underwhelmed. Apple brought a real design focus to the marketplace and in the process, helped improve the overall look and feel of today€™s mobile devices. What other company could have done that?

4. Smartphone-only?

Prior to the iPhone€™s launch, there were many people that decided a smartphone wasn€™t for them. After all, if they don€™t write out emails or browse the Web often, what€™s the sense? But since then, smartphone adoption has skyrocketed. On the downside, basic mobile feature phones, once the mainstay of Nokia€™s business, are dying out.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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