iPhone Wants and Needs

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iPhone Wants and Needs

Navigating the virtual keyboard is much easier on the wider screen, and the e-mail, SMS, Notes and Calendar applications would be that much better with landscape support.

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 2. Missing Applications

I want the ability to edit or create documents, to browse for files or documents, and to save data just like a USB drive.

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 3a. Lightweight DataSync Application

Requiring the full iTunes application with its four processes and need for 75 MB of memory is almost criminal. Give us a small tool so we can sync our calendar and contacts from a second computer.

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 3b. DataSync Service

In the absence of a lightweight sync tool, allow customers to sync Outlook-based calendars and contacts to the .mac service, and create a way to synch iPhone applications with .mac. Id pay a couple bucks a month for that service.

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 4. Better WiFi Security

Throw in some 802.1x and PEAP support so we can join a tightly secured wireless network, IT gods permitting.

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 5. EDGE Radio Controls

I can turn the WiFi radio off individually. Why not the EDGE radio?

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 6. Better Accessories

I need a case that has a place to store the earbuds. Wrapping the cord around an iPod was OK, but now its my phone and sometimes I need to get to it quickly. And come to think of it, those earbuds dont fit me well at all.

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 7. Ringtones

OK, theres a hack out there for this. But I dont want to have to hack my phone just to make ringtones from my own music.

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 8. Battery

Having to ship the unit back to the factory to get a new battery is bad enough, but the rental fee for a temporary replacement iPhone is exorbitant. Work out a deal with AT&T so customers could rent a generic device, with a minimal cost built into the bat

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 9. Voice Dialing

To get in compliance with hands-free driving laws, voice-activated dialing is a must.

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iPhone Wants and Needs - 10. Bluetooth File Transfer

The Bluetooth radio is pretty limited compared to, er, every other device out there. Solve problem #2, and then this will be more critical.

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