Isnt This Android a Dream?

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Isnt This Android a Dream?

It's Android TimeThe Dream from T-Mobile sports a very familiar Google widget clock interface in this pic.Photo: Mobile Roar

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Isnt This Android a Dream? - How Does the Dream Stack Up to the Competition?

The Dream is sandwiched by Softbank and T-Mobile smart phones, giving prospective buyers an idea of how the phone measures up to existing market gadgets.Photo: Mobile Roar

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Isnt This Android a Dream? - The Dream in All of Its Glory

Here, the slideout keyboard and utility board are on display, showing what the user experience will be like.Photo: Mobile Roar

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Isnt This Android a Dream? - Dream-like Functionality

With the canyon-esque background set, the user peruses options for dialing, contacts, Web browsing and Google Maps.Photo: Mobile Roar

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Isnt This Android a Dream? - Would You Use This Phone?

Seen here, it is clear how the Dream works. But will this approximate Sidekick/iPhone hybrid really provide a great user experience for the reported $199 value? What do you think? Would you give up your iPhone for this bigger gadget?Photo: Mobile Roar

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