iStudiez Pro ($0.99)

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iStudiez Pro ($0.99)

Keep track of lectures and lab schedules, when essays and reports are due, plan homework and add contact information for instructors—then link it across your devices and plug it into your calendar app.

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WolframAlfa ($1.99)

This app is the key to solving mathematical puzzles, access to statistics and data analysis, astronomy, earth science and way more than you could ever need.Â

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Dropbox (Free)

In between online course materials, videos, audio recordings of lectures and time-wasting media to help you procrastinate when you should be studying, there's a lot of content to carry around. Carry it in the cloud.

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StudyBlue (Free)

Flip online flash cards for fast feedback on what you know, then re-study concepts you still need to master—wherever you happen to be.

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myHomework (Free)

You're behind on things already, so why not prioritize and organize the mountain of homework you have to tackle? You can also sync mobile devices so you always know what's due and when.

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Clear ($2.99)

There's a lot going on during the semester, so keeping your life organized is essential. Clear lets you do this in a quick and simple way.

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Evernote (Free)

This app lets you take notes, record voice reminders and create to-do lists, and makes everything searchable, whether at home, in class or on the go.

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GoodReader ($4.99)

This super-robust PDF reader offers advanced annotating capabilities and the ability to copy and share files in a variety of ways.

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Sleep Cycle ($0.99)

You need your rest, right? This alarm clock analyses your sleeping patterns and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase, ensuring you are properly rested.

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iTunes U (Free)

Who needs college, anyway? Apple offers its own application that gives users access to complete courses from leading universities, plus the world's largest digital catalog of free education content.

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