iSyncr Lite for Mac (Free)

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iSyncr Lite for Mac (Free)

iSyncr enables you to synchronize your Android device with the music you have in iTunes. Just plug your phone into your computer, select the iTunes playlists you want, and start syncing.

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iPhone Top 100 Charts (free)

This application offers an up-to-date catalog of iPhone Top Charts with links straight to the Android Market.

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Mac Shortcuts (Free)

A lightweight application in which you can find all the keyboard shortcuts for your Mac Computer (be it an iMac, a Macbook Pro or any other type of Mac).

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Apple iPhone Theme ($1)

This application gives your Android phone an iPhone theme, with Apple-style wallpaper, widgets, dock, menu and icons.

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iPhone Keyboard Emulator (Free)

Type faster and easier with an iPhone keyboard layout, while enjoying the features of the Android OS. The best of both worlds?

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Splashtop Remote Desktop ($4.99)

Bring the full Mac experience to your Android device with this remote desktop application that can access any video or music on your PC in any format.

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Droid Apple Background (Free)

Display your cheeky Android pride with this animated background, where Apple logos get devoured by the Android alien.

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iPhone SMS Import ($1)

Import all your text messages from your iPhone with this application for the chat-happy set.

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Remote for iTunes ($5.00)

Control iTunes via WiFi, play music on your computer and AirPort Express speakers, and adjust the volume with total control.

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iPad Killer (Free)

Lightweight, cheesy and free, this simple game lets you blast iPads into the next dimension.

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