It's a New iPad, Isn't It?

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It's a New iPad, Isn't It?

There's no debating the iPad is a highly sought-after device in today's mobile market. Considering its past sales, there's no reason to question the iPad 3's market appeal. Even if it were to be the same old iPad 2 repackaged as an iPad 3, customers would buy it. That's the kind of grip Apple has on the market.

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The Retina Display Will Draw You In

Apple will be bringing its high-quality Retina Display to the iPad 3, according to the latest rumors. The display could double the maximum resolution of the iPad 2's screen and easily outperform all other competitors in the market. Expect the iPad 3's Retina Display to pull you in.

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Quad-Core Matters

The quad-core processor that has been rumored to be coming to the iPad 3 will arrive on the slate this year. The processor should provide more functionality opportunities, better productivity and increased performance across the board. It'll be a major selling point for enterprise customers.

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So Does Price

Given Apple's past decisions, there's a good chance the company will be launching the iPad 3 at the same price as the current iPad 2. Upon doing so, expect millions to flock to stores to get their hands on the company's tablet. Price matters—and Apple knows it.

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Android Tablets Don't Hold Up

If the iPad 3 were to face off with some worrisome competitors in the tablet space, maybe consumers and enterprise users wouldn't jump to buy Apple's slate. But judging by the showing at Mobile World Congress, there really isn't much to get excited about in the Android tablet market. Until Android changes, the iPad 3 is a top choice for any customer.

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Windows 8 Tablets Are Months Away

Thinking about buying a Windows 8 tablet? Before you set your mind on it, beware that the devices won't be shipping for several months. Between now and then, you're going to need a tablet. And based on what's been announced so far, the iPad 3 is the device to deliver what you're after.

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It'll Complement the Kindle Fire

Amazon's Kindle Fire entered the tablet market last year with all kinds of momentum. According to some analysts, Amazon sold as many as 6 million tablet units during the fourth quarter, alone. But just because you own the Kindle Fire, it doesn't mean you need to give up hopes of owning the iPad 3. In fact, Apple's tablet is a fine complement to the smaller, more affordable Kindle Fire.

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4G Matters Quite a Bit

As time goes by, there's more and more speculation that Apple will be offering 4G connectivity in the next iPad. It would make sense, considering the vast majority of its competitors offer access to the ultra-high-speed networks. For enterprise users, especially, having 4G connectivity in the iPad 3 is a major selling point.

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A Sleek, New Design? You Bet

Apple typically delivers major new designs every other year. Since the iPad 2 was an iterative update, it would only make sense for the company to offer up a major improvement this year. The company's press photo to invite folks to its event March 7 included what seemed to be a tablet without the physical home button. By the looks of things, a major new design is coming to the iPad 3, and that's a good enough reason to pick it up.

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You Already Own (and Love) Your iPad

If you're already an iPad owner, there's no reason to ignore the iPad 3. Like so many Apple products, the iPad is one worth buying every couple years. If you bought the first iPad, or you're ready to move on from the iPad 2, there's no better time to get in on the iPad 3 craze than to pick it up on launch day. iPad owners buy more iPads. It's a simple fact.

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